Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lynds and jason's fiesta

so on july 26th (i know i still have a lot to catch up on) we had a couples shower for lyndsie and jason. the weather was perfect and the decor was darling! it was a feista theme so the bride and groom-to-be got to wear their sombreros (lyndies had a "veil" attached).

we also had a pinata, which the mommy-to-be knew was full of candy! i think she was craving sugar that day! the second the pinata came down she didn't mess with the candy strewn on the ground, she rent right for the remaining portion of the pinata itself! she knew it still had some goods in there!

i think this next photo would make a good christmas card... the happy couple and their furry kids. lyndsie has max (which i think will be staying at her parents house when they get married) and jason is holding cosby, who is darling. that dog is actually theirs and will reside with them.

we had six teams decorate "brides" with toilet paper. these were the brides all done up!

little miss lily was making all kinds of friends that night. there were lots of kids and of course the dogs so as i was taking LOTS of photos i had to watch my feet. for example this little princess decided she wanted to sit at my feet while i took photos. (those are my legs btw)

this little guy was darling.

check out these cheeks! he and his daddy were having a blast!

all in all we had a fantastic party with great friends and fun memories. we ate great food from sal's and lots of candy out of the pinata. we're so excited that there are less than two months left until the wedding!

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