steven and julie's wedding

so i spent hours up loading all these photos from the wedding to realize that i loaded them backwards. so start at the bottom and work your way to enjoy them. sorry! i'll comment under each photo so you can read the comment, then scroll to see the appropriate photo. my internet is way to slow to start over.

the end of the night, steven was ready to GO HOME, julie was dancing the night away! :)

great friends!

the girls: me, emily (grooms sister), monica, lynds.

emily and her sweet sweet man. he's wonderful and i hope it works out for them both.

all their friends from the river. they met when they were both river guides for the summer. this is their posse dancing with them both during the money dance.

my hubs and the bride.
steve-o and monana!
the groom and i
steven and his mom dancing during the $$$ dance

daddy/daugther dance. there was a daddy/daughter slideshow playing while they danced. i cried. shocking!

they had their sweet moment and then the music cut out into a fast song and they had a cute routine. it was CLASSIC!

first dance.
and with his other parents.

ry with is parents.

monica, myself, and lyndsie (she'll be the next bride!)

my groomsmen and i!
the cake was beautiful and YUMMY!

you are now HUSBAND AND WIFE!

the boys are praying for the groom!

what a joyful moment!

i wish the quality was better on these, i was fighting with the lighting, the flash was taking too long and i was missing great shots, but without the flash the photos are grainy looking to me. this is steven's sister during the vows

steven, bless his heart, cried through the whole thing. this was him seeing his bride for the first time. what a moment.
ryan and jason looking all studly in their tuxes

steven was still in shock that this was wedding day for him!


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