Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the creative juices are flowing

i have a long list of projects i'd love to do. great ideas come from blog stalking i tell you!

i've never been a creative person as far as coming up with projects or ideas. i am however pretty good and duplicating someone else creativity.

my most favorite gal "thrifty decor chick" has hundreds upon hundreds of fantastic ideas that i hope to someday recreate. check out her fantastic blog, but this post is my favorite.

i'm not having kids anytime soon, but i want these built in shelves in our spare bedroom that would one day be a nursery. i also want to add the crown modling around the top and the chair rail around the middle and do stripes on the bottom half of the room. the issue comes when i try and decide what color to do the stripes knowing it will one day be a nursery and not wanting to have to do them all again.

maybe we could just build the shelves and do the molding and not add the stripes until we have a baby on the way and know what we're having.
i love the clean lines of this room!
ok, my next project is on a MUCH smaller scale. i want to make a few of these little initial hangers. maybe one for my soon to be nephew, carsyn for his bedroom door. maybe one for our front door instead of a wreath etc (however canvas wouldn't be a good option for outdoors, so maybe find a spot inside), and of course one day make one for our little one. these would make great shower gift ideas and you could use whatever color the nursery will be decorated in.
this gal has some serious artistic talent.

i love this pegboard, but i have no clue where to put it in my house. i think it would be great in a kids playroom or in a large laundry room or even in a toddler/school age childs room to display artwork or big projects. you could paint it any color you wanted depending on the room and it would be cheap. hubs has some scrap pegboard in the garage right now i wanna make a smaller one for the office to hang pictures etc on.
i need to browse all this gals ideas!

these things all look fine and dandy on paper, now i gotta do it! here's hoping hubs is on board for the shelves! he has no idea the "ideas" i create for him.

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