we're at the point in our marriage where we consider the "what ifs" a lot. what if... something happened to one of us? what if.... we wanted to have kids (money, work schedules, maternity health coverage, etc etc)? what if.... we wanted to do some major upgrades to our house? what if... something happened with our jobs? what if... we moved out of state? and the list goes and on and on. so we decided to prepare for the what ifs.

i applied for life insurance (hubs had a heart attack at age 21 and prob can't get it), i got rated higher due to my family's health history. thanks mom & dad!

we are researching death and dismemberment insurance for hubs (they often don't research medical history for that). it's not cheap and there are restrictions.

we looked into adding me on his health insurance through work that would cover maternity coverage well and would cover the kid should we decide to have one. do you wanna know how much that would be???? *brace yourself* $1300.00 PER MONTH out of his paycheck for him, myself and ONE child. hubs makes decent money however this would be a HUGE chunk of his paycheck and the other little chunk left over would go toward gas money since he commutes an hour each way. so he'd have NO income, just work for health insurance and gas money. nice.

needless to say, vaca plans and home makeovers are on hold indefinately at this point and one day have a kid... well that's not even on the table for discussion right now. can't afford to have the kid, much less raise it.

enjoy your insurance, kids, vaca's, etc.


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