Dog House

this labor day weekend marks college football kick off. for us valentine's... it means we're heading to the dog house!

we are hoping that this guy:
head coach, pat hill can lead us to victory week after week this season. i feel like we have some great new players (i wasn't a fan of the former quarterback) that can really help us out. we did lose some great guys to the NFL this year. bear pascoe (ryan wants our future son to be named bear after this guy) is currently playing for the 49ers and is doing very well in the preseason. he will be missed by the bulldogs this year!

we're going tonight to grab us some new gear for the season opener. we can't wait. there are 5 home games this year and the first is here saturday night at 7pm. i'm hoping and praying it's not 102 degrees, but we'll sit through it if it is!

our bulldogs will take on hte UC Davis Aggies and we'll be there front and center to watch. ok, maybe not front and center. we're about 20 rows up and we're on the 5 yard line, but you get the picture! and pictures we shall take! we have the good camera to take with us this year and we'll get some good shots! can't wait to show you on tuesday

*totally unrelated... this weekend hubs and i took friday off (tomorrow) before the already 3 day weekend so that we can tackle (pun intended) the bathroom project. i hope to be back monday with before and after shots of the bathrooms that we've completely made over. along with updating you on the last few showers! one bachelorette party and one lingerie shower to go before the actually wedding for lynds and jason and before the baby comes for kate and oz. the parties have all been fun, but i'm ready for the real events! :)

have a fantastic labor day weekend ya'll. goooooooooooooooooo dogs!


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