Thursday, September 24, 2009

fall or not

today is sept 24. the first official day of fall was two days ago. i should be breaking out the long sleeves, close toed shoes, scarves, hot chocolate, blankets, sweatshirts etc.

i should be snapping pictures on the side of the road of these leaves.

i should be able to head to the park to gaze at the beautiful colors.

instead i'm turning down the air, wearing tank tops, staying indoors so not to have heat stroke, and hydrating myself regularly. it's still hot, it's still sunny, and i'm just plain sick of it.

i just can't put out my pumpkins and scarecrows and fall wreaths when i'm sweating profusely. i just can't. so until that forecast changes a bit, it's still summer here to me. regardless of what the calendar says. my seasons are dictated my the thermometer these days.
we're supposed to have an "el nino" year this year which means LOTS of rain. we'll see if that happens. we sure need it.
big things are happening around here this fall. regardless of the weather.
* ryan has officially been at his job one year.
*lyndsie and jason get married in TWO weeks!
*my cousin ryan and courtney get married the day after!
* kate is having her BABY BOY! carsyn maddox should be here in a month or so. i can't wait.
*ryan (hubs) has a birthday coming up. the big 2-6. maybe carsyn will come on his bday??
*cousin tara is coming to visit from idaho. we know she's coming to see baby, but we took vaca time to see her and baby BOTH! can't wait to hang out and laugh and cry. it'll be GREAT!
so if it's still 100 degrees, there are still things to make me smile. it's gonna be great.

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