Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what fall means

fall means a lot of things to us around here. we anticipate it with much joy.

*not dying of heat stroke

*remembering what long sleeves look like


*hay rides at the pumpkin patch

*beautiful leaves on the trees



*thanksgiving with equals FOOD!

*christmas shopping
*pumpkin spice candles

*little kids in cute costumes

*red starbucks cups!

*FOOTBALL! go bulldogs!

*caruthers fair


*crisp mornings with the windows open and coffee in hand

*shorter days (too bad the word day didn't get shorter with the daylight huh?)

*family get togethers

and this year...

*baby CARSYN, our first nephew! (pending arrival on or before nov 10th)

*tara's coming to visit! (she's really coming to see carsyn, but i won't let myself believe that)

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