Thursday, October 29, 2009

blogging moron

so, i enjoy blogging and i promise to get better at it. we've now had this blog for over a year and i still have no clue what i'm doing.

up until yesterday i had no clue how to add blog buttons on my side bar. hooray for me, i figured it out all by myself! now, how do i make my own button? that is the question of the day.

also, i'm determined to figure out how to post a link within a blog as just one word. like blah blah blah i like the boots found "here" and the word "here" is the link to the boots i like. etc. get it?

i just discovered how to put a picture up on my header. that's cool. i like it.

i've vowed to get way more involved in photography. i'm now going to be the crazy lady walking around with her camera 24/7. hubs already makes fun of me when i take pictures of old trucks, or random flowers, or the same thing over and over again. i also now need to be diligent with figuring out photoshop elements 7. i need a class or something. i have it on my computer and i know it has the potential to do great things, but i load a picture in there and it freaks me out. ugh.

so aside from the football game saturday during the day, the family dinner for halloween saturday night, and the girls hanging out sunday afternoon, and the dinner with the mcleran's sunday night, my goal for this weekend is to scrub my house spotless and organize all three closets and totally put away the projects i've started 5 times that are taking over both spare rooms so that my house is put together enough for me to justify playing with my photography hobby the next few months.

we are on baby alert right now, so we have bags packed by the door (to go to hanford hospital and stay however long it takes to get that baby here, and then maybe to sleep the day after rather than drive home exhausted), we have camera batteries charged, we have magazines and crossword puzzle's and decks of cards. we are ready for baby carsyn and we hope he's ready for the 18,000 pictures his auntie lissa is going to take of him his first 24 hours here on earth. :) it will give me great practice as well as some good stuff to play with on photoshop!

i can't wait.

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