Wednesday, November 18, 2009

baby carsyn maddox pt 2

so monday morning ry & i got up nice and early, packed ALL our bags, went to ryan's dentist appt and then headed to sanger to pick tara up and head to hanford for three days of family fun!

tara was more than excited to see kate and her belly, but was truly hoping to meet the baby during this trip. at this point katie was torn because she didn't want to go into labor right when tara got there and end up spending the whole trip in the hospital and not get to spend time with tara, however she was still ready for baby to be OUT!

monday we hung out a bit. showed tara kate and oz' house, the dairy, the walmart {ha} visiting jeannine and brad for a bit and made tacos for dinner. we watched the dumbest, grossest, funniest movie ever {stepbrothers with will farrel, don't judge us} and laughed until our sides hurt.

tuesday, we watched child birth videos on the baby website. which may have been the best birth control i ever needed! eek! we had lunch out at the dairy while ozzie worked for a bit and played with ozzie's nephews. at this point, poor katie was like the ticking time bomb or the watched pot that never boils. everytime she touched her belly we were sure it was a contraction or that her water broke. anything she complained of or every noise she made we just KNEW must be a sign of labor. it became the big joke katie would say her toe hurt and we'd tell her it was a sign of labor. :) i doubt she thought it was funny, but it gave us a good laugh at least! since nothing was happening and tara had to leave in 24 hours we decided that katie needed to start taking matters into her own hands. tara told her she needed to go for a jog. tara had run a half marathon the day before she flew to cali so she had running on the brain. katie didn't quite share her enthusiasm and, even though i wasn't 9 months pregnant, i wasn't too sure i was on board either. they live in the country and tara said we all three needed to run to the corner and back and that was sure to get that baby out!

well, we ran.

i'm sure it looked hysterical. lean, athletic runner- 9 month prego gal- long, gangly, out of breath, pathetic sap bringing up the rear. yep, that would be me. i was the most winded. i was just sure we'd run at least a half mile at a pretty good pace and that i could call it my exercise for the year, or maybe decade. however, my helpful husband decided to clock it the next day and it was 0.15 miles round trip. thanks love.

that night brad and jeannine {my in laws} came over and tara had made enchilada's, jeannine brought mexican rice, chips and salsa, tara made homemade guacamole, and kate made a YUMMY oreo/pudding layered dessert. we ate and ate, laughed and laughed, played imagineif, laughed some more, and watched katie like she might explode any minute. the six of us had been quoting stepbrothers all night and brad and jeannine looked fairly lost, left out, and confused so we showed them the funny parts of the movie. again, don't judge me. you have to watch it with funny people. trust me. all i have to say is "boats and hoes".

after all that, brad and jeannine headed home and we sat there watching jay leno or something else on tv. kate said her stomach was really upset and she spent awhile in the bano praying not to puke. she did a few times and we all sat around wishing here was something we could do to help. about 11pm we all decided to turn in because kate didn't feel good at all and she wasn't wanting to miss out on us visiting.

around 530am on wednesday, nov 11th i woke up and i heard kate and oz talking. i figured oz was going to work so i didn't think much of it. i woke up again around 630 and i heard tara out there talking with them and i thought that was a bit weird. so i got up and sure enough, they were counting contractions that were getting closer and more intense. kate had showered and was taking her time getting ready. at about 8am when the contractions were just 3 min apart and she was having to stop and lean over the counter and breath through them they headed out to the hospital. this is the last picture i snapped of them as they were on their way out the door. the next post will be from the hospital! details of the BIRTH day!

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