baby carsyn maddox pt 1

i'm not sure how many posts this will take, so i'll start at the beginning and see!

on wednesday, november 11, 2009 we welcomed our first nephew into the world and i'd love to share with you the week leading up to his birth and a bit about the day of {we were there}!

katie {hubs sister, the momma} had been certain since day one that she'd be early having this baby. she carried him all in front and the doctor even had said that she measured a bit bigger than her original due date {which was november 12th} and had changed it to nov 10th. katie was SURE she would have him the last week of oct, if not the very first week of nov. she had been having mild contractions since about 28 weeks and they would often get very close together, they just never got more intense and they would eventually go away. nov 2nd was a full moon and everyone says that can send you into labor so starting oct 25th we slept with our cell phones on and had our bags packed. they live about 45 min away, so if we were to go there for the baby's birth, we would stay the night.

on friday, oct 30th katie had her weekly doctors appointment and he checked her for the first time to see if she was dilating at all. i think katie in the back of her head expected him to say she was at at least a one or a two so she would know things were moving along. NOTHING. she wasn't dilated at all at that point and he said it COULD be anytime, but nothing was happening yet. she was a bit bummed to say the least. the only thing that helped her get through that weekend was the fact that they had a halloween party on saturday night that ozzie {her husband, aka baby daddy :)} was going to dress up like a soccer play for and she was going to paint her belly like a soccer ball.

as of monday morning she was counting the hours. by friday she was on high emotions, high stress, high anxiety and was ready for her 9am dr appt to determine if anything was happening. i should also tell you that on thursday of that week {nov 5th} she decided she was going to do what everyone told her. she walked and walked and walked around the dairy {ozzie is a dairyman} she did jumping jacks, she did deep squats {to which she decided she shouldn't do because they were making her legs sore and that could be bad during labor}, the works! friday morning {ryan's birthday} katie text me all upset because the doctors office had called and wanted to move her appt to the following week. she was upset and asked if she could have any other time that day. they told her to come in at 230pm. we were set to head to hanford that night for ryan's birthday dinner and we were hoping for some news as to whether we should bring our bags or not. she just needed some hope that SOMETHING was happening and that this baby wouldn't be in there forever. she and ozzie went in at 230 and they told her the doctor had had to go to the hospital to deliver and they weren't sure how long he'd be and again asked if they could move her to the next week. she opted to wait, and waited almost two full hours before he returned.

at this point the HOPE was provided! she was dilated to a 1 and was 80% effaced. doctor said that she could be at a 1 for awhile, but the fact that she was 80% effaced was a good sign. he also told her that the baby's head was LOW. like RIGHT there. he said when she got to the point where she had to push, she wouldn't have to push for long. this was encouraging to a 1st time momma {who as bad as she wanted that kid out, was getting a bit anxious about the delivery part}. the doctor also wanted to check the baby's movement while she was there, so he set her on the monitor. the baby was sleeping during the first 10 min so he didn't move much. the doctor came in and poked him a bit and he got to moving good. the doctor was still a bit concerned that he hadn't moved enough during those first 10 min and asked her to head next door to the hospital for an ultra sound. it was at that point that i think kate got nervous that they didn't bring their hospital bags!

the ultra sound turned out great, baby was fine and they were able to come enjoy dinner.

all night we were taking pictures of katie, just sure these would be the last shots of her pregnant!

below is the momma and daddy to be!

needless to say, no baby came that night, and so we headed back to fresno after dinner and dessert and coffee. saturday ryan had plans with a buddy and i knew ozzie had to work, so i offered to head back down and hang out with kate and do some walking to try and move things along. she was at the point where she'd cleared her calendar just in case and sitting at home realizing she was STILL pregnant and nothing was happening contraction wise, wasn't helping her emotional, frustrated state. so we walked. and we walked. and we walked some more. we ran into quite a few people {hanford is a small town} and they were all shocked that she was out and about just three days before her due date. i also think they were a bit nervous that she would go into labor while she was talking to them! she was having her normal contractions that were about every 10 min apart but only two times all day did she comment that one was stronger than they had been. so nothing new. about 730pm when ozzie got off work saturday, i headed home. i figured if she did go into labor that night ryan and i could at least head back in the same car and not have two cars there.

sunday we got house work done here and checked in frequently. katie wanted us to come down sunday night for dinner with lyndsie and jason {the newlyweds} and a game night. ryan didn't really want to drive back to hanford AGAIN since he knew we'd be heading there monday morning with tara {the cousin from idaho that was coming out to see the baby that wasn't here yet!} but katie convinced him to go. katie made a crockpot full of homemade clam chowder and lyndsie brought ice cream and toppings for sundae's. we played cranium and i laughed until i thought that baby would shake right out!

but alas, the end of the night came and she was still not in labor so we headed home once again.


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