Tuesday, December 1, 2009

baby carsyn maddox pt 3

kate was all checked in and ready to go by 830am on nov 11th. when she arrived at the hospital her contractions were about 3 min apart and she was dilated to a 3.

in between contractions they were making phone calls. we arrived a little after 9am and they had her hooked up and ready to go.

we had lots of time for a photo shoot or two at this point because they'd given her the epidural about 1030am and she was feeling great. they checked her just after that and she was already dilated to a 6. none of us had eaten breakfast so we made the mad dash to mcdonald's just up the block to grab food and tara was scared she was going to miss it so we came back and ate at the hospital.

i enjoyed watching the "big" contractions on the monitor since she wasn't feeling them. this looked like a good size one to me!

i'm fairly certain the hospital wanted to kick us out half way through the day. we had quite the crew! rick and mary stryd were there, lyndsie cradduck, gary and linda smart and suzie came by, ozzie's mom ozvalda was there, ryan & katie's grandpa rodari was there, of course myself and hubs, and hubs parents and tara all the way from idaho. once the baby was here they had more visitors but we went to eat dinner so i missed who all came exactly.

lyndsie, new grandma jeannine (my MIL), tara, and linda smart waiting for the baby to come.

it's getting closer!

tara changing her flight. it was about 1pm at this point, kate was dilated to a 9, but tara would have had to leave the hospital by 2pm to get to the airport to make her 4pm flight home and she wasn't about to leave at this stage of the game. she knew baby either wouldn't quite be here, or he'd barely be here and who could leave just moments after the baby comes!?

soon to be grandpa brad had a crossword puzzle and the paper to entertain him.

soon to be uncle ryan had a little more electronic entertainment. lyndsie and i played go fish, we all chit chatted about everyone else's labor stories, etc. by 3pm she was at just about a 10 and they were just getting everything in place and waiting for her to "thin" a bit more before she started pushing. we received word about 320pm that she was gonna start pushing. jeannine and tara were in the room with ozzie. tara's job was un-offical coach since she's done this three times, and jeannine was videographer. i know that sounds gross, but it was awesome!

at about 2 min after 4pm brad received a text message with a picture of a baby and we knew he was here! i accidentally deleted that picture off my phone, but i know someone has it, so i'll add it on here! jeannine came down shortly after and she was on cloud nine as a new grandma! she said it was great and he looked great and mama did great. ozzie's mom went up to get a first hand look. tara came down and grandpa brad went up. when they came down great grandpa and i headed up. mama was trying to feed but the AWESOME nurse dana took a picture for us.

great grandpa bob {rodari as we call me}, new dad, me {new auntie}, mama & baby under the blanket! grandpa ran down so lynds could come up and we could grab a girl picture!

i have a picture of the three of us just one month and two days before this at lynsdie's wedding!

dad leaned in for a hug/look at baby and it was a precious moment. my MIL got some great video that even katie loves. no intruding shots, just mama pushing, you hear great encouragement from the doctor, nurse, dad & tara. you hear him cry for the first time, you see him all slimy and cone headed while the doctor is suctioning out the gunk from his throat. you see dad cut the cord, you see them weight him in at 6lbs 11oz. stamp his little foot, and get him cleaned up. ryan and tara and i watched it that night and i cried through the whole thing. it was beautiful and mom did a great job! i have to throw a little bit in about ozzie. he hates hospitals, hates needles, hates blood, hates to see kate in pain and they didn't attend a single child birth class. he was a stud. he was in there the WHOLE time, by her side, helping, coaching, encouraging and staying on two feet the whole time! i'm not sure even he thought he'd make it, but he did and he cut the cord! he's a trooper and an awesome dad.

much love fernandes family. thanks for making an auntie out of me!


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