as 2009 is coming to an end, thanksgiving has passed us by, and christmas prep is in full swing; i wanted to take just a second to give thanks. i wanted to do this last week, but hubs and i actually were able to spend each evening together running errands, cooking, planning black friday shopping trips, and decorating our house; so it will have to be a week late.

in no particular order what-so-ever i'd like to share with you the things that i'm ever so thankful for. both big and small.

*my stead fast faith. it still shocks me that there are people who think that they can face this world alone. i can't. i know this, i embrace this, and i'm so thankful that i don't have to. God is good, i am not.

*my fantabulous husband. he keeps me calm when i'm stressed, he keeps me laughing when i'm frustrated, he keeps me guessing when i want to have a plan. i love the balance, joy, friendship & love that he brings to my life.

*family. sometimes it overwhelms me to be everywhere at once and not offend everyone or someone, but at the end of the day it's good that we have that much family around to offend. the drama keeps our life interesting and our new nephew brings us joy and love we've never known.

*friends. we've had such a great year, marriage wise, and i can only imagine it had to do with surrounding ourselves with great couples who love the Lord and each other and provide us with fellowship, fun, encouragement and a little healthy competition! we are blessed

*blogging. i'm not going to lie. this blog community is an animal i wasn't sure of a year ago. i seriously have friends that i can vent to, ask advice from, encourage and pray for, and that pray for and encourage me. did i mention that i've never met most of these women? i love what God has done with the internet and what a network it is for so many. ((hugs)) {side note: my husband knows of you all by your blog names and most of you i refer to as my BFF's from ______ wherever it is you're from. he thinks i'm insane and i think it's awesome.}

*kids. no i don't have any and we don't really want them right now, but we have more and more friends/family that are having them and we've started teaching sunday school at church and i can't express how much they delight my heart. there is nothing like the innocence and faith of a child. the giggle that begins in the very core of them and can spread joy to room in moments. funny how i think they teach me more than i teach them.

*church. we are attending the fig garden campus of the well community church and i couldn't feel more at home. we love the morning time slot, we enjoy the mixture of new and old friends, we enjoy seeing all the changes, renovations they are doing to the rooms/buildings and the worship and teaching are off the charts. i love the heart it has stirred in hubs and i watching two churches merge together to become one family, and the challenge that Nehemiah is bringing us each week.

i'm going to stop there for now. i can honestly tell you...

my cup runneth over.


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