Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I started this post last summer when we actually re did both of our bathrooms. I should take some newer pictures since we've since framed both mirrors. Here's a just a preview of the colors. The first bathroom is our master bath. The orginial color is the light tan which is the color our bedroom is painted, our dressers etc are dark brown and our throw pillows are a blue color. We took the throw pillows off our bed and matched the paid color for the bathroom walls to them. I love how it turned out. The shower curtain in there now is White. I would love to add some beadboard to this wall down the road.

The next photos are of the front/guest bathroom. It too was originally the light tan color and we painted it green. All the accessories in there were dark brown and green, so we took the little picture frame on the counter into Home Depot and matched it. I love the way it turned out. I actually want to keep the extra paint (we have lots) for a future nursery maybe! As you can see, along with the walls, we also painted the bathroom cabinets white in both bathrooms. That was the hardest part of the re-do but I think it's my favorite part now! They look great. The photos of them here don't even have the hardware on yet. I'll have to post more photos soon.

What home projects are on your list this year?

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Jennifer said...

I love the green walls with the white cabinets! That looks great!!

I need to seriously work on our bedroom. It's a little sad looking!