Sunday, January 10, 2010

A fresh New Year.

It's officially 2010. I remember Y2K like it was yesterday, to think an entire decade has passed is unreal. 2009 was good to us. We both still have our jobs, we have great friends and enjoyed fellowship with them, and not to be biased but we have the cutest nephew anyone could ask for.
We had some friends over for New Year's Eve. The two couples in the middle are expecting little ones this spring/summer and both are having BOYS! Right to left here we have; Steven & Julie, Brandon & Jacqueline, Jeff & Candi, & yours truly! Jeff & Candi had flown in from Arkansas that day and they were moving the very next morning, so I was shocked that they came and that they stayed past midnight!

The girls just before the clock struck 12!

The boys, I mean, Men!
Steve-o bringing in the new year!

We didn't do resolutions this year, but we did sit down and discuss where we are as a family, were we'd like to be next year and what we'd like to accomplish in 2010.

We made a list of things we'd like to do around the house.
*We want to rip up all the carpet and linoleum in our house and lay hardwood floors (laminate hardwood that is).
*We want to plant a garden in our backyard this spring. We need to get started building the garden boxes in the next month or so because the end of March is when things need to be planted.
*We want to paint an accent wall in our living room and I have a "vision" for our LONG entry way wall that won't take much money, just time and energy.

As for kiddos, I think I had it in my head that we would work on starting a family this year. This will be be the first summer that we will both have at least 3 weeks of vacation time and have some money to go anywhere. We are hoping to go to Idaho to visit family for sure and possibly to Denver to visit some friends. My family goes to the beach for a week each summer and we've never gone for more than a night. I'm hoping to at least be able to go half the week. We're wanting to be realistic about things we'd like to do before we have kids, at the same time keeping in mind that I'm not getting any younger. I've always said that I'd rather want kids and not have them than have them and not want them. Not that we'd ever have kids and wish we didn't, but I want to be sure we're good and ready and not wish down the road that we'd waited a bit longer or wish that we'd done a few more things on our "list".

We're making it a point this year to do a few things in our personal lives. We've made a financial budget checklist that we're sticking with. Not really setting a budget but being aware of what we're spending and on what. We've paid off all our debt and we're really working towards putting more away into savings, retirement funds, and paying more on our car & house payments when we can. We're going to cut out all the "extras" and try and live very simply the next year to make way for all the home projects, travels, & one day baby.

Our church campus as split it's one morning service into two services. I think we'll serve at the early service and we'll attend the later one each week. This will allow us to sleep in a bit on our weeks off and to be able to attend church each week rather than just our off weeks. My goals for this year are to spend one month reading a Proverb each day for one month, for hubs and I to spend some time reading through the Bible together, and for us to be more intentional about making church, tithing, serving & fellowship a priority in our lives. We don't want "loving God" to be on our list, we want to make "our list" based on the fact that we love God. The more we think about having kids and the closer we get to that, the more I think about the role that Christ plays in our lives, in our household, in our marriage & how we can teach that to our kids someday. What a joy it will be for us to teach our kids the Love of Christ.

We've also committed to being healthier people. People who exercise more, eat better, and make an effort to pick health over laziness. I want us to be around for kids and grand kids and I want to be an example for our kids in eating habits and lifestyle. It's a rough journey, but we must start somewhere. We haven't set a weight loss goal, or a diet, we just want to be thinking about it each day.

Now that's I've bored you to death with our next year... We hope that you have a happy, healthy, faithful 2010.


Payton said...

looks like a great party. have a wonderful 2010 :)

Sharon said...

Looks like your new year is off with a Blast!

Crystal said...

Thanks girl!!! I use paint shop pro. I have photoshop elements but hardly ever even open it. I could do so much more with the other photoshops, but it's a bit pricey for me right now. I need to upgrade my camera first and hope to do it soon.

I think about watermarking my photos often and I agree with you. I know my photos are far from perfect but I rather be safe than sorry. you know? I will most likely start adding watermarks soon. Yes, I can make watermarks, I make Angie's all the time. And thanks about the photos below. That means a lot!!!