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So I'm not one for a movie review. If I don't like movie I usually don't finish it. Not that my time is all that valuable, but I could think of things I'd rather be doing than watching a horrible movie. Yesterday some friends called and said they'd just rented Four Christmases and they both laughed out loud it was so funny. They told us to head out and rent it ASAP. So in our sweats without any makeup on (me, hubs doesn't often wear makeup) we ran to Red box to rent it. They of course didn't have it, nor did they have anything else that seemed worthy of 2.5 hours of my Saturday night. We headed home empty handed and finished making dinner. We had caught up on our DVR's shows but had a few movies on there we'd recorded a long time ago that we still hadn't watched. The one we voted to watch was The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Holy smokes I was not prepared for what it held for me. I was laughing, I was crying, I was pacing (I got so nervous), and I loved all but the last 15 minutes of the movie. I understand why they ended the movie how they did, but I wasn't ready for it at all.

There was a point in the movie where Kevin Costner is sitting in the bar after a long day and says to the older lady that owns the bar "when did we get old" to which she replies with the best thing I've ever heard.... (edited to be appropriate for my taste)

"Heck, I've always been old Ben. Ya' know what though, I don't mind. I mean if my muscles ache, it's because I've used 'em. It's hard for me to walk up them steps now, its 'cuz I walked up 'em every night to lay next to a man who loved me. I got a few wrinkles here and there, but I've layed under thousands of skies with sunny days. I look and feel this way, well cuz I drank and I smoked. I lived and I loved, danced, sang, sweat and screwed my way thorough a pretty darn good life if you ask me. Getting old ain't bad Ben. Getting old, that's earned."

As I am rapidly approaching age 30 myself I often think about "getting old". I must say this one quote in the midst of a pretty gut wrenching movie clearly explained to me how I want to view life. I sure hope that at any age I can realize that my wrinkles tell a story of the life I've lived. That I have memories of love and laughter and fun to make all these years worth it. I know 30 isn't old, but I know that there will be years after that that'll sure seem like it. I know there are days that I count the grey hairs, examine the crows feet that are forming, ache in places I didn't know I had & sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when I kneel down or stand up or walk for that matter.

At the end of the day, I hope you go rent The Guardian if you haven't seen it and I hope we all earn getting old.


Crystal said…
You read my mind about the photography name. I have to admit I am tempted to just give in and use my name because I am having such a hard time coming up with the perfect name and I am a super impatient person. But I would love love love for it to include heart. It has become a huge part of our lives. It has hurt us in many ways but it has blessed us in more ways. I have one name I like so far including the heart theme, but I am trying to think of more so I have a choice... I am sure I will blog about it and ask for opinions.

What kind of camera do you have again? I am going to be getting a new one very soon so I like to hear others thoughts. I am going with a Nikon just not sure which one just yet.

Thanks for the advice girl!!!

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