Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week prior to Christmas 09.

So, I realize that Christmas and New Years are long gone, however I still have a LOT of pictures to show y'all so bare with me this week while I catch you up.

So the Friday before Christmas we had some friends over for a cookie exchange. It was the first one we've ever held and I think we'll start making it an annual event. It was fun, and YUMMY! I can't wait to get the recipes to some of these. Everyone brought roughly three dozen cookies and then we munched on them that evening while drinking coffee and cider and then everyone took an assortment home in a large ziplock. I ate more cookies than I should have, that's for sure.

I'm not sure why I took pictures of all the cookies, but none of the friends that were there. I took pictures on New Years that you'll see soon and it was some of the same people! :)

The week of Christmas I had some more baking I wanted to do to take to our various Christmas funtions and to give to the neighbors etc, so I called in my sister-in-law and this cutie pie to come help!

Look who learned out to smile!?

He is laughing at me here. Oh I could just eat him up!

Of course, we baked all day while hubs was working and we were done about the time he got off work, he insisted that Kate & baby stay around long enough for him to get to see Carsyn after work. Nothing melts my heart for my hubby like watching him love on this little guy.

We made peppermint bark, it was a hit at the family gatherings and super easy to make.

I wanted to see little man in action, so we put him on his belly and he is going to be crawling way early I think. He can pick up his head and move his legs like crazy... once he figures out how to get his arms under him, he'll be moving!

What are you looking at?

He was talking away to hubs.

Wow, Aunt Liss really wears me out with all the kisses and pictures!

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