Monday, February 22, 2010

Last week

It's Monday & I just blogged yesterday about LAST Monday, so I thought before we jump in headfirst to a new week, I'd recap last week.

Tuesday we had to grocery shop after work. There's nothing I hate more than grocery shopping, well that's not true, I'd rather grocery shop that fold laundry, so I guess we'll say it's toward the top of my "things I'd rather not do" list. I NEVER grocery shop alone. Hubs is really good at it, kind of a natural and he kind of enjoys watching for sales, price checking things and guessing before the register calculates it, how much everything will be. I just go along for the ride. I'm curious to see how this sort of thing works for us once we have kids, I'm guessing hubs will just do the grocery shopping alone.

Wednesday night we had to catch up on American Idol. They have now named the top 24 for Season 9 and overall I was pleased with their choices. I was sad that Thaddius got cut there at the end, I liked his voice. I think they should have cut that Tyler Grady or Brady or whatever his name is. The 70's looking guy with the long hair. He's not a favorite of mine. I also really though Shelby should have stayed. Aside from her physical limitations, which I felt didn't effect her signing at ALL, I really thought she was fantastic. I really hope they didn't get rid of her due to her physical issues. I didn't LOVE the one girl that got kicked off after having tried out for 3 years in a row. I did however feel horrible for her. I will tell you that if you missed The Ellen Show the other day, Ellen & Kara are buying her a record label and Kara is writing a song for her to sing for it, so she got her music career after all. I think that is what America is all about. She went on a show, 3 years in a row to try and make a life for her and her daughter and her family using the natural talent she had. It didn't get handed to her the first year, or the second and her dreams were crushed this year... but people with money, connections & good hearts stepped up and saw something in her that many others didn't and they're making a difference in her life. I hope she always has a thankful heart for that, no matter where she ends up in life. So far from those that I've seen featured so far, I really enjoy Big Mike, Casey {the blonde guy with longer hair}, Mama Sox {The girl with the dread locks} and the young Portuguese gal who's grandma has Alzheimer's. That girl is GOOD! I do think that there are quite a few that are good this year, but there isn't one that jumps out at me like last year. I loved Danny Gokey from day one last year. Kris Allen too. We'll see how it goes.

The Olympics are going on right now, so none of our other shows were on this week. I can honestly say that I have not watched more than 2 minutes of the Olympics this whole week. I do watch the recaps on the news and I could tell you somewhat of what's going on, but I just am not hugely interested in the Winter Olympics. I love summer Olympics, swimming, gymnastics, the speed walking. Who can get enough of that!? Winter has never jazzed me though. It also doesn't help that they don't start showing them until 8pm here and they don't get over until after Midnight. Hello people, they are taking place in our time zone for once and you're going to make me wait until 8pm to know what's going on? I'm too old for that!

New blog design. Thanks for all the sweet comments on the blog design. I love it and this will actually be the first post with my signature! Sometimes it's the little things in life that make me smile! Thanks for the compliments on the photos up top. I really enjoy photography and I hope that I am improving over time. Those are some of my favorite photos I've taken. I enjoy symbolizing things that I love through photography. It doesn't get much better to me than a cup a joe & The Word of God.

This weekend, we headed to Hanford Saturday so Kate could color my hair. I don't remember the last time I had a haircut and my roots were AWFUL! She worked her magic and I feel like a new woman! I'll post a picture on here soon. Saturday night we went to a play with my parents and my sister. I really enjoy going to plays and things like that. We have two small theaters in Fresno that I hadn't been to in years. This weekend was the last weekend for this play "Dearly Beloved" and it was great! We laughed, I cried {shocking}, we had a great time. It was about a redneck family in Texas who's daughter is marrying the son of the wealthiest family in their small little town. They were trying to make the wedding really fancy for the grooms family to think they were better people... but everything kept going wrong. It was hysterical! I would really enjoy going to those things more often if I could. Not all the plays interest me, but some of them are really fun and the actors are amazing. I couldn't believe they memorized all those lines and I cold hardly remember what I had for breakfast that day!

Well, I'm actually writing this Sunday to post Monday morning and we're on our way out for family dinner for my mom's birthday and my grandma's birthday. Should be fun, usually there's some comedy involved at our family dinners as well! :)

Happy Monday y'all. Hope your week is swell.

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