Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Love

My poor husband has had a rough few weeks so I thought I'd send him a bit of encouragement via our blog.

What makes me ♥ love ♥ MY Love:

His willingness to help an old lady load her car in the grocery store parking lot

His humor

The animal lover in him

The way still sticks out his lower lip when he's bummed about something

That he can BBQ a tri tip steak like it's nobody's business.

That he notices when I clean house

He's HOT!

How he calls his family often just because

That he does all the vacuuming at our house

That he reads the blogs I write and will compliment me on them

That he rolls his eyes when I turn on HGTV, but when I'm not in the room he'll turn to it

That he'll walk up to a service man or woman in uniform in public & shake their hand & thank them for their service.

That he'll sacrifice a Saturday to plant flowers for my 78 yr old aunt just so she won't do it herself.

That after a knock down drag out argument he will apologize to me if he's wrong.

More than all of that, I'm thankful that he picked me, that he puts up with me & all that territory comes with & that I have someone to argue with from time to time.

I ♥ U Hubs.