Last Monday was a holiday around here. Hubs and I were both off for President's Day. It also happened to be the day after Valentine's Day and Hubs sister and her husband had asked if we'd watch the little man for a few hours while they had a fun date. I joyfully agreed, and I actually suggested activities that would take a bit longer than just a a "few" hours. It was our first time to have him by ourselves, and the first time I've ever really been around him without Mom or Nana around. Not that I care if they're there because I can hog him regardless... but I always know that they love him too, so I try and share.

Not this time! He was all mine! It was great to see hubs with him too. Without a million women telling him how to hold him and what to do. Hubs changed his first diaper EVER, and it was a doozy, let me tell you!

You can't tell me that little face doesn't just light up your life!? He is really into the ABC song right now, the more animated you are while singing it, the harder he laughs and squeals.

I tried to have a little Valentine's Day photo shoot for his parents, I was going to blow up a few photos for them, but he got tired of me and the camera and it was getting dark so I didn't have really good light.

I did have to play off of the skull outfit he had on and put a bandana on his head. He looks like a biker!
It was fun, I'm not sure if I made hubs want one of our own, or convinced him he never wants one, either way I had a blast and I think it's time for them to go out on another date! Thanks for coming over to Aunt Lissa & Uncle Ryan's little man, we had a blast. You're welcome anytime. We'll always have some cookies & milk waiting when you get here!


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