Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol

Let's talk about last night shall we?

Last week was the first week on the big stage with our top 12. I was not at all pleased with who was there, but I hadn't voted yet this year, so I'm sorry Alex Lambert, it's my fault you were sent home before your time. That being said, I also wasn't home last week to watch all of the top 12 perform, I caught the first few and I will say that Tim Urban & Didi blew my socks off last week. I was sad that Lacy went home because I feel like there were def people there that should go home before her, but I also didn't think she'd win the whole thing, so I didn't shed any tears.

Ok, NOW lets talk about last night!

Lee: I'm a fan of his, I feel like he's always had a great voice and I like his style, he just has to get more comfortable on stage and I feel like each week he does. I was a big fan of this week, not so much the song itself, but the performance as a whole.

Paige: She should have never been in the top 12. I know that's harsh and I know that they saw potential in her, but I have not seen it since the top 24. This week was awful, I actually left the room. Sorry honey, I am sure you're a lovely gal, however I hope I don't have to listen to you again next week {this would be my top pick for who SHOULD and hopefully will go home this week}

Tim: I enjoyed this even though the judges hated it. I know he looks a bit like Zach Efron, but I assure you Zach doesn't sound like that when he sings. I don't so much mind the dramatic show that the judges hate, it's about vocals and I think he's got them.

Aaron: This kid is young, he was sick this week and he still sounded good. I will say it had a few little issues, but knowing he was uber sick all week, I felt like he did great with what he had. Something about this kid and his innocence hits my heart strings. I don't anticipate him winning the whole thing, but I hope he stays awhile.

Crystal {Mama Sox}: I just like her vocal style. She could sing the phone book and I would like it. I do think that there are prob people out there that don't care for her style so I hope enough people vote for her to keep her around... I could see her in the final three. I still haven't decided if she'll be the one to win the whole thing. I think she's in the running.

Michael {Big Mike}: He's had my heart from the second he missed his baby being born to make his dreams come true. I don't know that this week was my favorite of his and I think a big part of that was the song choice. However, I vowed on my couch the day his child was born that if he made it to receive America's votes, that I would vote for him every week. I prefer him in more of a ballad type song.

Andrew: I liked him without the guitar. I think his vocals have been solid from the start, I just think there were so many fireworks with his Paula song in Hollywood week, that I think everyone feels let down each week even though he's still good. I had originally thought he could easily win it, I feel like he could be top 5 but I'm not sure if he'll go much further than that.

Katie: I have always liked her and I feel like the judges have always been so hard on her. They want her to be young, they want her to be current, they want her to be hip hop, they want her to be big... I don't think the poor girl knows who they want her to be anymore than who she thinks she is. I think she has a good voice when she gets to the chorus of a song, but she struggles with the control in the beginning. This week I felt like she did MUCH better with that. I'm glad she's still here because I wasn't sure she should have made it above Lily & Kaitlyn, but I think she's improved quite a bit.

Casey: I was a fan of him in Hollywood week and then I felt like he went down hill from there. This week he did well, kind of redeemed himself in my eyes. I'm not going to lie, I still didn't vote for him this week, but he did MUCH better. For the record, {sorry Casey} but I don't think he's cute.

Didi: She is my all time favorite this season. I seriously almost cried last night when the judges tore her to pieces. I thought it was GREAT. I loved the vocals and I loved that she got so much more comfortable on stage. She reminds me a lot of Brooke White's style from Season 7 and I loved her. I think she's beautiful, classy, talented, and I would LOVE to see her in the final 3 {maybe even win it if enough of America agrees with me}.

Siobhan: I have to tell you that the only thing that comes to mind every time I see her is Simon's quote "You're a funny little thing aren't you?" Sometimes she makes me laugh, sometimes she moves me emotionally, sometimes I cringe (I'm not a fan of the scream Adam Lambert), and most of the time I just smile contently. I enjoy her. She's weird. Her style is odd & her hair this week was VERY distracting, but you can't deny that she is good. Really good.

Well, that's all for this. I am not sure if I can keep up with this each week, but my all means check back just in case. I might surprise you. For now, I would guess the top 3 would be Lee, Didi & Crystal. At this point I'm not sure who I would vote for more. Maybe Didi, but it's tough. There is nothing I would have loved more than to see Didi & Alex Lambert do a duet. Maybe Didi can find him after the show is done and make that happen. I would pay money for it, big money. If I had big money.

{which leads me to tell you that while watching AI last night I was working on taxes and I will be in a pit of depression until we hear back from our tax lady how bad it really is going to be.}


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your review.....and agree on them all.....

Rebecca Jackson said...

Totally agree! I LOVE Didi!!!!!!!