Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby McLeran's Shower

Well I've been a bit crazy the last few weeks so I've been MIA from the bloggy blog. I figured I'd catch you up. Last Saturday the 13th I threw a shower for our friend Candi and her sweet baby boy McLeran. Daddy McLeran is a pilot and while they aren't assuming that their little boy will follow in that profession they do expect him to like planes and appreciate that his daddy spends a great deal of time in one! With that said, his shower was an airline theme. The invitations were boarding passes, I didn't get a picture of them for a few reasons the main one being that I have no clue how to smear out my address on it. I will say they were REALLY cute though.

The tables had white balloons (they were supposed to be clouds, although I'm not sure how many people got that).

The balloons were coming out of these little buckets that had burp clothes that I (more so my mother than me) sewed vintage airplane fabric down the middle of.

The favors were little bags of peanuts. You can take a flight without peanuts!

Dessert was raspberry sherbet with shortbread airplane cookies! I found the cookie cutter online and they turned out great. a bit dark on the bottom, but my cookies always do that.

Myself with the mommy to be!

For lunch/brunch we had an egg & cheese casserole with bacon and Ortega chilies in it with strawberries and a croissant. It was pretty yummy. We had punch, water & coffee to drink.

I made a sign that said baggage claim for the gift table & I had a sign on the front door that said "Now boarding". I was pleased with how it turned out. I tend to be a habitual procrastinator so I have all these great ideas that I feel like won't take me long and I put it off and put it off and then I feel like a crazy woman the week of because I'm trying to do it all last minute. My mom was a life saver to say the least! Not to mention my husband cooked us dinner every night the week before! He's pretty awesome!

One of the gals at the shower brought her 5 month old little guy and he was a charmer! I think he and baby McLeran will be great friends.
Congrats again Jeff & Candi we can't wait to meet your little guy come May. He will be the cutest, most photographed child that just loves Airplanes! I know it!

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