Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WAC Champions

This post is a few days late, but I wanted to share the pics. Hubs and I follow all things Fresno State (as you have probably noticed if you have read this blog for any amount of time). I get emails weekly with what home games there are coming up and how much tickets are and of course they will try and get you to come by telling you the teams record or that there's "history to be made" etc. Hubs gets all FSU updates on his phone. He can tell you how the swimming team or tennis team is doing at any given time, so whether or not we attend all the games, we know how the teams are doing. That being said... Last Wednesday night our girls basketball team played their last conference game of the season at home & there was history made! I got the email Monday saying the game was Wednesday night and I figured a week night 7pm game wouldn't work with our schedule, but when I told hubs about he said "we're going". We called his parents and my grandpa (who is a huge fan as well) and off we went.

The girls have been WAC champions the last two years however this season they have gone UNDEFEATED! If they were able to win this game on Wednesday it would be the first time in FSU history that a Basketball team went undefeated in conference play & the first time a team in the WAC went undefeated in like 12 years! We were favored to win, and we did!

We got to watch them drop the banner on the far left with the new 2010 on the WAC Champions banner. We're hoping after the WAC tournament that we can add a 2010 to that banner as well!

The team and coaches wearing their Championship t-shirts, holding the trophy & holding the huge sign in the back. They're holding up the "3" sign for their THIRD WAC Championship!

Balloons fell & popped and fans stayed and celebrated! It was so fun to be there and see history be made!

I will also say that we played San Jose State, obviously beat them by a lot and took the championship right in front of them and I was shocked and pleased to see that after they gave their congratulations and high fives and good games, they all sat on the bench and watched FSU celebrate and clapped for them as they were presented the trophy. I couldn't believe it. You could tell they were sad and disappointed, but they didn't retreat to the locker room. They sat and honored our girls. I was so glad to see that sportsman ship from a college team as that's not often the "norm" anymore.

Congrats girls, best of luck in the Tourney starting tomorrow! We'll be cheering you on from home.

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