Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Capture: Hopeful

Beth host a weekly photo carnival and this is my first time (or maybe second) to participate. I just loved this weeks challenge: Hopeful

Photos capture emotion to me so when the thing to photograph isn't a shape or a "thing" but rather a feeling, I get all giddy inside. Wanna hear the fun part? I took these photos last night and didn't know the weeks challenge until this morning. When I saw the word HOPEFUL my mind went right to these photos. It's been raining a bit more than usual here and this glimpse of sun stirred a HOPE in me that Spring is in fact on it's way. Or at least a small break in the rain. Either one will do!

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Jen said...

I really like the birds on a wire.

love said...

these are beautiful! i'm so hopeful for spring, too!

Lena said...

Those are gorgeous shots, especially the birds.
I'm ready for spring (and more sunshine) as well!