Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We served in the nursery at church yesterday morning and then hit the road for Hanford for Easter lunch and to play with this sweet little guy. We had a mini photo shoot before lunch while he was in his cute Easter outfit. Of course, he changed into something more comfortable after this shoot, but boy was he cute. I probably took 100 photos and these were the only clear, decent ones. Photographing kids is hard work!

I love that he looks irritated in this last photo. Like he was done with the photo shoot. :) He was a bit too young to hunt for eggs this year, but next year will be perfect, we can't wait! We headed out from there around 4pm and went and had dessert with my family. They had already done the egg hunt, which was funny since the youngest cousin is 13. They put money in them instead of candy now! I'm sorry we missed out!

All in all it was a good day. I have MUCH blogging to catch up on this week, so hang tight. I have two memory cards of pictures from the last month to clean off. I also need to tell you my story from working the nursery this weekend, as well as catch up on American Idol recaps. Don't get me started on who got the boot last week! Same with Dancing with the Stars. I don't usually follow that show, but we happen to watch the last two weeks and I don't know what America is thinking? Oh well, hopefully some record label will see the potential that Didi has and sign her anyway.

Happy Monday all!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

Carsyn is absolutely adorable. All he needs is a cigar and he would look like a young Mickey Rooney. Happy Easter!