Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Organizing Jewelry

Disclaimer: These pictures are horrid quality as I took them all with my cell phone and it was super dark in my room.

I am on a spring cleaning frenzy. We've been really busy lately on the weekends and so my house has taken the back burner. I started spring cleaning about a month or two ago with my pantry that I showed you and a few bins/closets/storage areas that needed attention bad. Then things got busy and I quit. I'm looking at our calendar over the next few months and realizing it's going to be a crazy summer. When I feel overwhelmed with our finances (we owe big money in taxes this year, along with BOTH our car registrations being due in May) or our schedule I often feel like my organization {also known as OCD) kicks into high gear. In feeling that way, the more organized I can get our house the better I feel about everything else. I know, I have issues.

Long story short... My jewelry/accessories were out of control. I had no place to put them all or an organized way to see them all so I had piles of bracelets and necklaces and some I hadn't worn in forever because they were on the bottom of the pile and I had forgotten about them. Last night I decided it was time to make heads or tails of it all.

The wooden piece with the hooks I found last summer at a yard sale and painted it black to hang in our laundry room for keys and things but never hung it up and then decided it would be perfect for necklaces & bracelets so I repainted it brown and hubs hang it low to the dresser.

I have these heart shape glass bowls that I brought out for bracelets & the little bowl with the silver lid for all my cocktail rings.

I love that I can see everything I have and the dresser is cleaned off.

I'm so ready for all these spring necklaces! I'm just glad to have one more area of my life organized.

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