Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Weddings 2010

We've been to two weddings in the last 3 weeks. I thought I'd share a bit about them with you. The first wedding was for my TWO friends Jacob & Stephanie. A little back story for you, there is a little camp up in the Santa Cruz Mts. where I was a High School camper, a Jr High & High school counselor and where I worked for 4 summers and eventually moved up there for a year to work year around before I felt called back home. I have made many life long friends there over the years. It's a place of fun, fellowship, faith, healing, joy & many many memories. Years ago I met a guy named Jacob there. I was a counselor and he was a senior camper. He was the funny guy, the heart throb & the jokester. One the Midnight hike up the hill he gathered the glow sticks from the trees {the ones lighting the path for all the others} as he walked and we had kids and counselors lost in the woods in the dark for many hours. He was the guy that all the teen girls loved and all the camp staff couldn't stand. A few years later he moved to my town and started attending my church. He had grown up {some} and he needed good friends in town. He and I were fast friends. I knew his sister & brother-in-law, also from camp, and we all spent lots of time together. Contrary to the belief of many, Jacob and I never dated, nor wanted to. He was the only guy friend I ever had that at one point or another didn't turn into something more. It was never like that, he was like a little brother. We watched out for each other.

Stephanie and I met through mutual friends back in the early college days. She and I were fast friends and were bible study co-leaders at church for many years. We lived for over a year in the same condo complex and met a few mornings a week for bible study/ accountability. She has seen me at 6am and she still loves me... that's almost more than my husband can say! :) She stood next up with hubs and I when we married almost four years ago & I have prayed daily for years that she would find a man to love her as I know she deserves.

As God could only orchestrate, Stephanie & Jacob {who have known each other for 8 years, we've all been friends} got married on March 26th. I had prepared my heart for an emotional and joyful celebration and I can't tell you the feeling that overwhelmed me that day.

This is the isle they walked down, LOVED IT!

As Jake & Steph both have nieces & nephews and Steph is every kids favorite babysitter, it was fitting that the line of kids coming down the isle before her was long.

This is the moment that took my breath away. I've never in my life seen Jake so happy.

Of course, who wouldn't be, if you were looking down the isle to this. Steph was quite possibly the most stunning bride I'd ever seen. She is naturally beautiful anyway, but on her wedding day she look fantastic!
I love this shot of them taking communion together as husband and wife.

This is a great shot of her dress. It was so flattering on her.

You may now kiss the bride! I honestly thought this would be a bit awkward for me since I've always viewed Jake as a little brother, however in the moment, there's nothing like watching a husband love on his wife. Such a moment.

Mr & Mrs Jacob Frazier!

Jerrod Rumley {who performed the wedding} with his son Cooper who was a ring bearer. Jerrod's wife Jen was a bridesmaid as well. This wedding was a family affair!

I told Ryan the only thing I wanted was a picture of the three of us. I will cherish this photo ALWAYS! I love these two dearly and I love watching what God has done in their lives the last 8 years and how each step along the way prepared them for THIS DAY! Congrats Jake & Steph. It is an honor and a privilege to call you both FRIEND & it was a joy to share in your day. May God bless your marriage. I know He will.

Then, this last weekend my whole family attended Matt & Julie's wedding. Matt is the little brother of my BFF Jill. Jill & I were in the same preschool class when we were 3 years old. When my mom took me on the first day, I waved good bye and told her to leave. I didn't even want her to walk me in. Jill however was the kid screaming and hanging on to her mom's leg. The teacher asked me to go help her into the class and to sit by her and from that day on I was her voice! Jill & I went all through school together graduating together 15 years later. Jill was always the shy quiet kid and I was the loud mouth. She was a straight A student who would rather study than "play" and I was the one who could have cared less about class and was the social butterfly. We had many sleep overs as kids & we were at each others houses a lot growing up. Matt was the kid who was always shoot us with the rubber band gun, setting traps in Jill's room or outside her door so that when we woke up in the morning stuff would fall on us, or fly at us, or drop on us. Every Friday night that I spent the night, meant getting up early and watching Matt play soccer for HOURS in the rain, cold, heat whatever.

Matt has grown up to be quite the gentleman {I never would have guessed} and he married a wonderful girl last Saturday April 10th.

This is hubs with my youngest sister.

The bride & groom had a hard time getting around to everyone since there were so many people, this is the closest photo I snapped.

Hubs & I all dressed up. Doesn't happen often! :)

My sister, Amanda, me, hubs, the youngest sister, Blaire. I needed a new photo of us all.

Not sure why I look awkward in this photo. Maybe because we were posing and everyone was staring at us.

It was a beautiful wedding, we had a great time dancing for hours. I realized that I'm not as young as I used to be. I was so sore the next day! And that quiet, shy, bookworm, Jill... well it turns out that she has a wild side! I've known this since we went to Vegas for our 21st birthdays {our bday's are only 2 weeks apart}. Girl can dance! If I had a dollar {or a knee replacement} for every time she said "GET LOW" on the dance floor on Saturday night, I would be rich & wouldn't be walking with a limp all week. I am too old for that stuff. The old knees don't hold up like they used to.

Matt & Julie, Congrats again to you both. I couldn't be more proud {and impressed, maybe even shocked} of the man that Matt has become & he has some great taste! We love you Julie, welcome to this wild bunch that we are!

*note: if you have any incriminating photos of me, I ask that they be destroyed. I don't look "pretty" when I dance and you had photographers EVERYWHERE! :)

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