Friday, April 16, 2010

weekend away

Last month hubs hit a milestone at work and we celebrated with a weekend away in the mountains at a little bed and breakfast. Hubs has a stressful job and had an 18 month probationary period to get through before he felt a sense of security. The end of March was the end of his 18 months and I was so happy that he made it!

We headed up the hill about 45 minutes to the cute little Bed & Breakfast that we stayed at on our wedding night. The drive this time of year is beautiful. All the wildflowers are in bloom.

The mountains in the distance still have snow. Of course, we didn't go up high enough to see any of it, but had we driven another 15 min we would have.

This is the place! The owners are delightful & and the breakfast is wonderful. We arrived just after 3pm which was check in time. We got out key, unloaded our ice chest of snacks and our bag of games. We walked the grounds surrounding the place.

We had walked down the trail by the little stream, you can see the actual building up behind us in this photo.

The flowers were lovely.

I am not a fan of the fact that my jacket tied around my waist makes me look HUGE in this "shadow" photo. I do think it's a cool photo concept.

We had such a relaxing time. The room has a fireplace in the room as well as a nice jacuzzi bathtub. Each room has a VHS and DVD player and the hallway between rooms has a large video library to choose from for $1 "rental". We didn't decided on a movie so we just played cards/ Yahtzee. We had taken some cheese, crackers, pineapple, strawberries and water with us to snack on. The B&B had coffee, tea & wine out in the lobby in the evening and a DELICIOUS breakfast in the morning. We got up early the next morning, had breakfast, packed up and headed back down the hill to the antique show in Old Town Clovis.
We walked the street and looked at different things. I was looking for some photography props and I found a few things I would have LOVED to have but these people were CRAZY how much they were asking for things. I saw a cute kids chair that was just unfinished wood... they were asking $60 for it! I also found the most beautiful old baby carriage that I would have just died to have, but they wanted well over $100 for it and while it was worth it, I couldn't justify spending that kind of money for something that I don't earn money doing yet.
All in all, we had a fantastic time and we look forward to going again, we love that place!

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