Friday, May 21, 2010

home projects galore

If you have wondered where I have been and why I haven't blogged in like a decade, please see the following photos!

Hubs decided that in order for me to clean out all our closets (as I've been in the process of doing) that he needed to clean out his garage to make room for the stuff I'd like to store there. He would like to get our Christmas decor and camping gear that we only use once a year, up in the attic. So off to Home Depot we headed for an attic ladder.

Yes, we own a truck, and no we didn't take it to Home Depot when we knew we were going to buy an attic ladder. Don't ask me why... it's a long story and it's my fault. None the less, this didn't go well.

We are in the process of installing new laminate wood floors in our WHOLE house (photos below) and my parents are doing the same. Of course, when you are doing all the work yourself you'd rather practice in someone else's house. Last Saturday my dad and hubs installed this flooring in my sister's bedroom. This is not the color wood we're using, you'll see ours soon.

Sunday we had a house guest for a bit so his parents could run errands and have a quiet dinner out. They left on vacation for THREE weeks yesterday so we wanted to play for a bit before we didn't see him for awhile. He is at the BEST age. Not that the next years won't be fun but he is so FUNNY. We laughed out loud all night. He thinks everything is funny and has the best belly laugh I've ever heard. He's started crawling and I love how had he works to get to something. He is seriously my joy! Love that kid.

This week Ryan has made three loads to Visalia to pick up all of this. Don't kid yourself, this is less than 1/3 of the wood that's at our house. It's stacked everywhere. I might loose my mind soon.

This is the first room on the list. My office. I work from home part time and I'm in the process of getting this room into a photo gallery of sorts. Basically, I have a vision and I'm trying to put the pieces together to make it happen, hopefully soon. This was the furniture we had. It's gone now.

See? Ugly carpet, I've had enough of you...

So now, you're gone too. Yes, last night we took out baseboards (which we are reusing so we had to remove them CAREFULLY) and removed the carpet and padding. It was more work than I think I had in my head. I'm a bit sore today and quite tired.
Tomorrow is installation day. I am really hoping we can start and finish it tomorrow. While the boys are putting the floor in at my house, I will be at my parents painting their Master Bedroom so the boys can lay the floor in there next weekend. Oi Vay I'm tired. My house is a disaster because all the furniture and "stuff" from the office is all over the rest of the house, there is wood stacked everywhere, baseboards in a pile, tools laying all over & my sanity is blowing outside in the wind somewhere.
Pray for us... home projects are a little rough!
I can't wait till it's done though!
p.s. Disclaimer on the photos... all from my cell, I apologize for the quality. I can't find my actually camera right now. It's buried in a room or under some wood or a baseboard. Ugh.

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