Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Mac is here

So our great friends J & C had there sweet boy Noah last week. We had been calling him Baby Mac not knowing his name, when he arrived we appropriately changed it to BIG MAC. The kid was 10lbs 6oz!

Mama had a great pregnancy with some heartburn, and minor swelling toward the end, but everything else was smooth sailing. Two weeks before her due date at her weekly appointment her doctor checked her and she was dilated to 4cm. If you follow me on Twitter you know that I had been asked my Mom & Dad to be present for his birth and capture the moment in photos.

At that point I got on call and packed a bag of clothes (in case I was in my work clothes when she called) & both cameras and had them in the car and ready. The following week at her appointment she was still at 4cm. The doctor was quiet shocked that her water hadn't broke yet, but we all carried on.

The week of her due date came and went with minimal progress. The following week was Memorial Day weekend and was a full moon so doctor ordered an ultra sound to try and get an idea of baby's size. He was thinking baby would be around 9lbs and Mama really wanted to do things naturally, so they held off C-Section plans until Friday, May 28Th.

She delivered him via C-Section (thank heavens) at 11:13am and I met her in recovery just after delivery. Dad did a great job as photographer since he didn't have to do much coaching in the C-Section. Mama & baby are doing well and we are so excited to welcome him into the world!

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