Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be glad there are no pictures

So let me tell you a little story...

In the midst of the house remodel the last few weeks we had been noticing mouse droppings {see title of this blog post} in the work bench. We decided to invest in a few traps and hubs set them around the work bench. A few nights later we were preparing for the trash guy to come and loading up with the cans with the old carpet and padding. {side note: we pulled up so much carpet and padding that there wasn't room for it all in our cans, so we've had a pile in the garage and we put a little out each week to fill the cans until it's gone} I picked up a pile of carpet to put it out and I saw a mouse run out the pile. It took me a second to realize that it was in fact a mouse and it had run out of the pile of carpet I was holding. I won't tell you all the things I said and did at that point, but this is probably the part you wish there were photos or video of, because I assure you it was funny to watch.

I did walk the handful out to the trash and informed hubs where the mouse had run to {not near the traps} so he moved a trap. he also mentioned at that point that he noticed baby mice. Plural. {you're again welcome for the tile of the post} we disposed of the them and I promptly washed my whole self and clothes & posted the whole scenario on Facebook {it was a priority you know}. The next morning hubs was off work {thank heavens} and he walked me out to the garage to leave for work and guess what was in a trap?? {See title, be thankful} Yuck is all I have to say. I averted my eyes and left for work. Telling him where the gloves were in the house.

We haven't seen or heard a mouse since, but don't you think if there were babies that there would be at least one more? I think we're going to invest in those electronic things that plug into the outlet that keep them away rather than catch them one you have them. Because let's be honest, I don't want them in the first place!

On a lighter note, my [home] office is coming together fabulously, I should have pictures for you next week!

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