Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day with our Nephew

I know I'm a bit biased about this little guy, but he's just the cutest. I love his facial expressions and his personality.

Tell me that face below doesn't make you want to die. Ha! He was DONE smiling at me for pictures!

And again...
He LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba cartoon on Nick Jr. I mean, he is so into it you can't get attention for ANYTHING! He was watching it in the picture below.

Nothing is sweeter to me than watching my husband play with him. They were playing hard and finally little guy needed a break. Tell me this doesn't melt your heart? No? Just me then huh?

My sis-in-law took this one. I don't know what we were doing other than playing on the picnic table. {this is also the photo that made me realize I needed new makeup, separate post on that to follow}

I love that he will come to me and that even with his Mama sitting right there he'll let me hold him and play with him all day. Katie was taking these photos and he wasn't too fond of the grass. In this photo {below} I had set him down and he was looking at me to pick him up. I know he's not mine, but I love that he looked to me to "rescue" him rather than to his Mama who was taking the photo. I just love him, I'm glad {at least so far} that the feeling is mutual. Of course I grabbed him right away. I would have given him a cookie if his Mama would have let me! :)

These were all take the Saturday before Father's Day I haven't seen him since. I'm sure he's twice as big now. He's changing so much right now. He was 7 months in these photos.

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