Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our new Home Office

It only took us 2 months but our home office is finally done! When I say done, I mean functional and put together... I still have some plans for the wall decor. I also am not sure why some of these pictures look really pixelated on the blog, because the hard copies don't look that way.

This photo shows the new hardwood floors. The desk & the book shelves. You can also see the drawers behind the desk chair if you look close.

The book shelves were a cheap WalMart find. The back piece was white like the sides and shelves and we painted them dark brown to add some contrast to the tan walls and white shelves.
The baskets on the shelves are from IKEA. I had actually bought 3 of them from there probably 6 years ago {maybe longer} and wanted some on both shelves, so my sister went and got us 3 more of the same kind. They hold random things like my camera software/manuals & cords, CD's & some random computer software, and extra picture frames.

Each of the two side walls has a long photo shelf & a shorter shelf. Both from IKEA, as well as the all the various size frames. IKEA is cheap for stuff like this, and I need to go back soon and grab some more. The walls are way bigger than I had thought and the frames get lost. I need some bigger ones, as well as maybe some others than I can hang around the shelves. All the photos in the frames were taken by either myself or my hubs.

As you can see I need one more photo for that frame on the far left. I have one I just need to have printed. I would also love to get some vinyl lettering for the walls maybe one could say "Cafe de Valentine" and the other could say something cute and photography related like "I shoot people" with a camera graphic. Something creative like that.

The desk is also from IKEA, it's actually a dining room table. We bought curtains at WalMart and sewed them together and used Velcro to attach it around the edge of the table. We got the idea from Kristen over at We are THAT Family. The table we bought was raw wood and we weren't sure if we should paint the top or stain it to match the wood floors, hubs had an idea to cover the top with photos and then have a glass top cut for it, so that's what we did. I love it.

Some of my favorite shelf accessories are these praying hands bookends that I found at a home decor store two summers ago in Idaho. Of course, my wedding bouquet is pretty nice too.

This old camera belonged to my mother in law's grandmother. She's kept it all these years and I asked her if I could take some pictures of it to hang in this room and she said I could have it as long as I never sold it. WHY WOULD I SELL THAT! I love this old camera.

This camera was my dad's. He took photography classes in High School and he has kept this camera all these years. It still works great, I would just have to find some film for it. I will take some pictures of the camera itself soon, I'd like to hang them up in there.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed getting it all organized. I enjoy sitting in there editing photos and working from home, I can't wait to get some more stuff on the walls and will show you when I do.

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