Friday, August 20, 2010

Fan Pages

For those of you on Facebook, you know that businesses can have Fan Pages where people can "like" the business and leave comments of praise and thanksgiving. Well, I wonder if businesses realize that people can leave their beef there too?

We bought a new car THREE weeks ago and we had a the best experience. We had been doing the research wanting to cut our payments down a bit and really wanting to get something that was a bit more fuel efficient {since gas prices are still climbing and we both have a commute to work}. We had done our homework and knew what we wanted but were not looking forward to dealing with car salesmen. They are my least favorite. I really hate the process of negotiating, trading in, signing a million documents, etc. We did hear that Costco has a car buying program through certain dealership and that you can get a discount {a pretty good one too} if you call their 800 number first and get a person to contact. We did all that and we were actually put in contact with a really nice salesman {I know most people think that's an oxymoron}. The dealership we used was an auto mall that my in laws and their families have been using for years and years. Hubs and I have actually purchased 3 new cars in the last 4 1/2 years {sounds sad I know} all from this dealership and have always been quite pleased. Anyway... we pick out the one we want, we talk numbers {they guy working the numbers wasn't as nice as the salesman, but he wasn't horrible like some can be} and we got the deal we wanted and the price we wanted for our truck and it was 930pm on a Friday night by the time we signed everything and got out of there. The salesman had taken it to fill it with gas and wash it before we left and he pointed out a few little dings in the paint for us and said some could be waxed out and some would need to be buffed out which could be done when we brought it back later for a big scratch in the back windshield. We agreed and added it to the list. They also couldn't get us our second key or our owners manual {hubs literally reads them front to back when he gets a car, so he was upset about that} that night because the building they were kept in locked earlier and he forgot to get them while we were signing documents. He said he would bring them to us on Sunday.

We went home & spent the weekend showing off our new car. Hubs got up early Sunday to wash the car again before meeting the sales guy on the way to church for the manual & second key. You know how all the imperfections stand out when you wash the car... well a few more "spots" came up as well as a BIG gash in the hubcap that we couldn't see in the dark. We met the guy and showed him the other spots and he agreed to add it all to the list and to call and he'd get it all taken care of.

Three weeks later we have called our sales guy, the finance guy, the customer service number, the dealership manager, the auto mall's general manager and NOBODY will call us back to schedule to get these things replaced/fixed! On top of that, when I call and sit on hold for the voicemail the recording tells me to become a fan of Selma Auto Mall on Facebook. Well guess what? I did. I also left them a comment or two. We will never purchase a car from there again and we won't ever refer anyone there either.

** UPDATE: Within one hour of my facebook, twitter & blog posts I had a phone call from the Sales guy that did the sale as well as the General Manager of the Auto Mall who apologized hand over fist and scheduled an app for Monday morning to "take care of anything and everything we need & will ensure that we are happy customers when I leave". I'm proof that social networking has it's perks. Thank you Selma Auto Mall for making it right. We **MIGHT** consider coming back now.

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