Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reading List

If you're anything like me, you hear about books or see books lying around someones house and they catch your eye or attention. If you're like me you have a laundry list of books you'd love to read if you had the time to sit down or the money to go buy them all.
I have borrowed a few lately and I got one for CHRISTMAS that I'm now almost done with and I have decided that over the next few weeks (before fall tv starts up again) I would love to get some reading time in.

My current reading list:
Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. I have read his books "Tuesdays with Morrie" & "The Five People You'll Meet in Heaven" and I've loved them. I'm almost done with this book and I think it's fabulous.
Captivating by John & Staci Eldridge. I read "Wild at Heart" by John Eldridge numerous times when I was dating/engaged as a glimpse into the heart of a man. I plan to read it again if I ever become the Mother to a little boy. Fantastic view of how God created men. This books is the Woman's version, the heard of a woman as designed by God. I'm excited.
Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I have heard great this about this book and I can't wait to get started.
A Lineage of Grave by Francine Rivers. I enjoy all things Francine Rivers. This book is a collection of stories from women of the bible. (see photo below)
Featuring Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba & Mary.

I also have two photography books that I've read through and I would love to get out and take some of the shots they feature. The first one is called Hot Shots and it has tips and tricks for taking better photos. I found it on another blog & had my sister order it on Amazon for my birthday this year. She is enjoying photography too so we plan to share it.
The second one is "Click" the ultimate photography guide for Generation Now. It says something about teen style photography. I'm definitely not a teen, but I do love some of the funky photos. The back of the books has some samples. I can't wait to have some time to play with the camera too.
So there you have my current bookshelf. I may have to disappear from the blog for a few months to get to it all (which I don't plan on doing) so we'll see how long it takes me.

In other news, the house is coming along. All the floors are in the bedrooms, bathrooms & laundry room. All we have at this point is the kitchen/dining room/entry area (in tile) which will be one weekend. Then we have the living room/hall way (wood flooring) which will take awhile. It's a big space. I'm dreading these last two spaces because they are so big and will involve moving a lot of furniture (fridge, stove, table etc in kitchen/dining room. Sofas, chair, coffee table, WHOLE entertainment center, shelves, plants, hutch in the living room/hallway). Pray for us as we begin this last phase, I feel like we're on the home stretch but at the same time, we haven't even completed half the square footage of the house yet.

This weekend at the Cafe marks "Organization Weekend 2010" I plan to organize every closet, cupboard, pantry & shelf in our house this weekend. I try and do one space at a time, but I try and move things into another space and I have to reorganize it to make room, so I'm tackling it all at once. I am making a trip tonight to WalMart to get all the essential bins, containers & space saver products I will need to start and hopefully complete the task at hand in two days. Wish me luck! I will return with some mediocre cell phone photos on Monday.


Carrie said...

Francine River's new book is also amazing! I've heard Crazy Love is awesome. I've heard that Captivating is not as good as Wild at Heart.

Have you finished any of them, yet? And do you read them all at the same times, or one by one?

r- m val said...

I haven't finished any yet. I can only read one at a time, I get myself all confused if I go back and forth. thanks for reading Carrie. I need to order a sign from you here soon... I LOVE them!