A Review of Sorts

This weekend I had a few chores needed to be done and one of them was cleaning the stove. I HATE cleaning the stove. We have a white oven/range & everything we cook on it splatters somehow and it NEVER looks clean no matter how long and hard I scrub. I have stains and spots on there that have been there since we moved in a year and half ago. I have heard great things about Mr Clean Magic Eraser, but never tried it. I finally grabbed a box at Wal Mart and the angles were singing!
Y'all, my stove is cleaner than it has ever been! I used little to no elbow grease & it seriously took me all of 10 min to clean the WHOLE thing. I am in no way shape or form being paid for this post. Mr Clean & his people have no idea who I am or that I no have a clean stove... I just had to share. I would assume this is going to work just as well on any color cook top.

Don't waste another minute dreading cleaning your stove or scrubbing it for hours on end... seriously go get you one... NOW! I know CVS runs good sales on them, as well as watching for coupons. They aren't expensive to begin with, and I promise you it's worth every last penny.

p.s. I have like 6 blog posts planning in my little head, I just need to stop cleaning with my magic eraser to edit photos from vacation & compile my thoughts and actually type them out. Stay tuned because once I have a second your blog list will be full of posts!


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