T- 30 Days

Do you know what happens in less than one month?

We couldn't be more excited to kick off the 2010 Season of College Football! Hubs has a countdown counter on his phone and reminds me often how ready he is. We got our same season tickets again this year and we are THRILLED our friends Brandon & Jacqualine got the seats right next to us!

There has been much controversy over our head coach. He's signed another 3 year contract and I think some were hoping he would leave. While he's never won us the WAC title or even had a real winning season, I think he runs a great program. I hate to see us loose a game, but I like that our athletes are really mentored by this guy. Many of the players really respect and admire him and I think that's important.

Of course, at the end of the day... I wouldn't mind wining a few or ALL the games either! :)

We have a tough season this year. Seven home games (which is more than we've ever gone to in one season) and a chance to do well.

Boise State, who I think has always been our toughest competition (and will remain our #1 rival since most of hubs family lives in Boise & are huge fans), switched out of our WAC conference and into the Mountain West. I think this gives us a great chance to win the WAC & hopefully have a great season.

I hope that we have decent weather at the games. We tend to roast half to death at the first one or two and freeze half to death at the last 3 or so... last year it never really got that cold, we were warm at way more of the games than cold. The school and sponsors always make the games fun giving away fun things. Last year the couple that sits right in front of us won $50 gas gift card and then two games later the couple right in front of them won a $50 gift card to somewhere else... I think this year it's our turn! :)

We would love anyone in the area that's going to let us know. We want to try and tailgate this year... we never have because we usually go by ourselves. Let us know if you'd like to join us!

We're dusting off the t-shirts, getting out the pom-poms, stocking up on sunflower seeds, conditioning our voices & practicing the fight song...

FSU football home opener begins Saturday, September 4th!


Anonymous said…
So glad I stopped by your blog !!! Football season YES !!! We can't wait either, our favorite time of year!!!

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