Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tales From the Gym

That's one weird blog title, so let me fill you in...

I started the Couch to 5K running program awhile back, remember? Well, I sucked at it. I can't run. It worked me to death and it never got easier. The whole push yourself each time and it will get easier and then you'll increase your running increments until you build up your stamina... yea none of that happened. I did week one like 8 times and I still wanted to die. The thought of increasing my running time made me want to stab myself in my eye. Not to mention that I'm apparently some sort of 29 year old going on 60 because OH.MY.JOINTS! My hips, my knees & my ankles cursed me daily. I loved the way I felt when I was done, but it was the getting there that just about killed me. So one day we didn't run and you know how that goes... one day turned into two months and then it wasn't spoke of again.

Hubs and I had to sit down and have a heart to heart one day about getting into shape. We both needed it BAD. We live in an awkward climate. Neither of us get up and work out in the morning and when we get home at night it's either 110 degrees (a good four months a year) or it's dark and freezing (another 4-6 months of the year) and lets be honest... do I want to be out running for those 4 months of the year when the weather is AWESOME? We decided a gym was the only way that was going to happen and with that comes and monthly fee. We are trying really hard to save money right now so neither of us were wanting to commit to a monthly fee, however we also realized that would be a great accountability to GO.TO.THE.GYM.

So, on Labor Day 2010 hubs and I joined the gym. The whole time we were sitting there signing papers and taking a tour and giving them our checking account info to draft the fees from each month I could vividly remember the FRIENDS episode where Chandler tries to quit the gym and they send out the supermodel in spandex to convince him to stay. The lady couldn't figure out why I was laughing hysterically in the office. We joined a small gym close to our house. There is no pool, no sauna, no showers, just equipment, a bathroom and a little childcare room. I don't need all the fancy stuff and I didn't want to pay for it. We pay very little per month and I actually really enjoy it. I usually hate gyms, I hate someone watching me die on equipment that is smarter than me. I sweat like a man when I work out and that's a little embarrassing sometimes. We have been going for 3 weeks now and I've learned a few things I thought I'd share.

1. The Ipod has revolutionized working out. This amazes me. There are ladies in the gym at least 60 years old with their Ipod shuffles bobbing their little heads while riding the elliptical. I'm dying to know what they are listening too, but I love that they've embraced technology. I get that everyone likes to listen to different music while they work out and this is a great way to do it.

2. If those calorie counters on the work out equipment is correct and I really only burn 220 calories in 1 hour at the gym... it's not worth it. I really hope those things lie to me to make me stay on them longer. I thought I was going to die last night after 30 min on the Elliptical and it told me I only burned 103 calories. Really? I can eat a 100 calorie snack pack in 30 seconds!

3. No man should wear little spandex shorts. NONE. That's all I'm going to say about that.

4. I can stay on the Elliptical without realizing how long it's been if there's something interesting on TV to watch and distract myself. Jeopardy is the perfect thing. We try and time our workouts accordingly.

5. My husband loses weight just looking at a gym and I hate it. We've been going 3 weeks and he's down almost 15 lbs. I'm up 5 lbs. We call it "building muscle" but I'm not convinced. It may have something to do with the fact that I think that now that I'm working out I deserve more calories per day and yet I'm only burning 220 each time I go!

Wish us luck!


Carrie said...

Stick with it! I didn't lose one pound of working out doing Insanity for four weeks, and then it started coming off.

Protein shakes help curb hunger, give you a little bit of a sugar snack, and keep you fuller longer. We use Metabolic Drive. Just FYI! :)

Kirsty said...

I'm amazed you lasted that long on the running program! I wouldn't have even been able to stick it out for a day! haha

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I've tried that same running program several times. And still haven't been able to stick with it...

And yeah, my hubby loses weight sooooo much easier than I do. Definitley wrong.

Shannon said...

You are the winner of the necklace!! Please email me your info and I will pass it along to Becca. Thanks!!