Can You Feel It?

Y'all the excitement level at our house is through the roof! Fresno State Bulldog Football starts up TOMORROW! This season we have SEVEN home games and we play some great schools. Tomorrow night we take on Cincinnati. I am hoping we can pull off a win and that there is a great crowd there to support the Dogs either way.

Football Season actually started a little while back at our house. #21 for Fresno State, Ryan Mathews was drafted first round (12th pick) to play (START actually) for the San Diego Chargers. This makes us happy for a number of reasons, but we are so happy that he'll be playing in California! Hubs has never really followed a specific NFL team, he just usually follows players that have played for Fresno State. This year we have a lot of guys playing NFL and I'm having a hard time keeping up!

He has played a bit already in the preseason games and he's looking great. I tried to buy hubs a Mathews Chargers jersey for our anniversary and no place in town can keep the stocked, they are on order and the second a shipment comes in, the sell out. I tried ebay and found a few and got in some good bidding wars. Still couldn't come up with one. We've decided that we'd like to get his Fresno State jersey first, then we'll get his Chargers jersey down the road. We really hope the best for him and the other FSU players starting out in the NFL this year. It's so great to watch them do well.

Now, come on Dogs... Let's have a GREAT season!
P.S. Hubs and I found some new FSU T-shirts at Walgreen's (3 for $20) and they have nice designs and they are good quality. We went last night and got new RED stadium chairs at Wal-Mart for $16.88 and they seem comfy (my rear gets sore sitting on those bleachers for too long). While we were out looking for the stadium chairs we went to Target and I was able to find a pair of Fresno State flip flops on clearance for $4! I'm going to be DECKED out! They also have FSU snuggies at Walgreen's and Target and I'm fairly certain I will need one by the end of the season! Ha!
I'm so excited for College Football. Bring on Fall!


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