Saturday, December 11, 2010

How we told...

I guess 14 weeks in is a good time to tell the "rest of the story". So I mentioned in another post that I found out on October 1st that I was pregnant. I had ordered this cute Fresno State outfit on Ebay when we started trying so that I would have it ready whenever the day came. I got home from work and took the test and hubs wasn't home yet, so I had time to wrap this up and have it on the kitchen counter when he got home. He knew what it meant as soon as he opened it. I did order it in a size 2T so that maybe hubs can take baby to it's first game in this outfit. :)

Now, we wanted to keep it quiet for awhile to make sure that everything went well the first few appointments. We had our first appt on the 14th of October but since I was still not very far along, they just reviewed medical history, went over what I could take for different symptoms and what not to take. They kind of laid out what the next 9 months would look like appointment wise etc. So no real news at that appointment. They did set up our first ultra sound for Monday, November 1st. We had big drama keeping this appointment because I got called into Jury Duty the Friday before and actually got placed on a Jury and didn't think I would be out in time and I was going to be on the Jury for at least a week and we had planned to tell both our families the following weekend, but really wanted to be sure everything at the ultra sound looked good first. There were many tears shed to say the least... in the end the Judge had mercy on me and let me leave early that day to make the appointment.

Saturday, November 6th was hubs birthday as well as our Nephew's 1st Birthday Party. We had planned to go down for the party and then after the party we'd head back to my In-laws for dessert for my hubs Birthday. We purposely invited our really close family friends The Stryd's to all come for dessert as well. We had planned to stay the night and hang out as well. I had ordered the shirt below for Carsyn and we waited until everyone was there and they were all visiting and watching football. I just carried him to the back room, put the shirt on over his jammies and then put him back on the living room floor with his new birthday toys. Hubs had the video camera out like he was looking at video from the party earlier in the day so he was able to get good video. Sis In Law noticed that he was wearing a different shirt and thought we'd bought it for him for his bday but she couldn't tell what kind of shirt it was, so she went over and looked and screamed. My Father In Law was right there and I don't know if he couldn't read what it said or if he didn't get it, but as Katie was screaming and yelling "are you serious?" he kept saying "what? are they serious about what?" Katie turned Carsyn around so that everyone in the room could read his shirt and everyone still kinda had a blank look on their face until Katie yelled "she's pregnant!" Then of course everyone started hootin' and hollerin'. I ordered this shirt big for Bubba too so that he will fit in it next summer when baby comes. I want to order a onesie for baby that said Little Cousin and take their pic for Nana.

The very next night was the night we had planned to have my family over for dinner for Ryan's birthday. My sister had to be at church that night so she couldn't say for dinner so we told them they all had to come early and we'd play cards for awhile until she had to leave and then we'd eat. We really went back and forth with how to tell them and we actually came up with this idea the night before. I took a deck of cards and dealt them out ahead of time (I knew they wouldn't pay attention) so that everyone had an even amount and then I wrote on two of the cards in each hand. I set them all out on the table and I made sure everyone was sitting before I said pick up your cards and organize them by suit and number. I wanted them to have to thumb through to see the writing the cards. They all noticed there was stuff written on the cards, but none of them stopped to read it. They all kept complaining about how you're supposed to play cards with a deck that's been written all over. Hubs had his phone out and was video taping, he told them the directions to this new game were on his phone so they wouldn't think anything of it. My dad got to the card that said "coming 6-10-2011" and he stopped and asked what that meant right about the time my youngest sister got to the card that said "Baby Valentine" so she started screaming "you're pregnant?" but everyone else was still totally confused as to how she came to that conclusion cause she didn't read her card out loud and they still hadn't got to theirs. So my Dad had this awesome look on his face and said "what?" and my Mom was just frustrated that she still had cards to fish through. It was fun to see their reaction. Everyone was all excited.

I will say that the hardest part about telling everyone was that everyone now has Facebook. We wanted to be sure that we go a hold of certain people and that we could tell those that we needed to in person. So with every celebration was a "don't' say anything on facebook" or "don't tell so and so we still need to call them". I was so paranoid that someone would say something to someone and they would post and others would be hurt etc. Its the curse of social networking.

That was a lot longer than I had planned. I might try and post the videos eventually but I have no clue how to do that. So it will be a while.

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Cherish Stockdale said...

love this! congrats! :) so fun!