Weeks 18- 22

Hello there! Miss me? Yes I know it's been a LONG time. I've discovered, being pregnant, I'd rather sleep than do anything else and that even includes blogging! I also had a wretched cold/allergies for about four days last week that really put a hinder on things. I'm actually a week behind on pictures because I was sick. I'll take week 23 tomorrow and try and get it up in a timely manner.

The photo above is week 18. That was the week we found out we were having a boy! The initial ultra sound showed that everything looked great and baby was healthy. They weren't able to get a good shot of baby's heart because of the way he was laying so I knew they would probably have me come back for another one. This was also the first week I felt baby move, it was just a few days before the day 18 week mark. Cute little flutters that made me smile.

The photo above is week 19. I had a few sleepless nights around week 19-20. I am not really uncomfortable yet, but I can't sleep in one position for long so I wake up often and then sometimes can't get comfortable again, or start thinking of things to do before baby comes and can't quiet my mind back down.

This photo above is from week 20. The half way mark! This is when baby REALLY started making his presence known. His kicks got much stronger, I could feel him actually roll over etc. Hubs was even able to feel him kick.

The photo above is week 21. I had a doctors appointment about this time and while I hadn't really gained anyway up until this point, I changed that in a hurry. At the 21 week appointment I had gained 9lbs since pre-pregnancy. My doctor doesn't really set a weight gain goal or limit, he just is sure to monitor each time and let you know if you need to slow down on the ice cream! :)

This last photo is week 22. All my weekly update emails from BabyCenter and What to Expect tell me that in the next 3-4 weeks baby will double in size. We had a large little guy from the start, so I am fearful that I may deliver a 12lb baby! We did have a second ultra sound just before 22 weeks and they were able to get much better pictures of baby and to see his whole heart. We will get the full report this week at our regular appointment. We hope that everything looks great and that he's developing well.

At the 18 week ultra sound he was measuring about 8 days bigger than he should have been (just means he's a big boy) at the 22 week ultra sound he was only about 6 days big, so maybe he just had a little growth spurt prior to the 18 week? Hubs and I were both really big babies at birth so we've given our OB a heads up that this bean could be a big boy. He will watch me and monitor how I'm growing to see what options are needed for delivery.

I am feeling good now, I do have more energy and I am not sick at all. I don't have set cravings, they come and go. Something that I crave this week I may not want next week. It's a day to day thing. Chocolate ice cream has been a favorite this last week and olives! I can't get enough olives. Green ones, black ones, it doesn't matter. My uncle makes good green olives. My grandma had a jar of them and I ate every last one. He had to make some more! I am having more back pain and my tail bone this week has felt really bruised. I learned that's to do with my sciatic nerve and my SI joint. Lucky for me my dad is a physical therapist. He manages to set at least one appointment a week for me to work out the kinks. It really helps. I still have a little stretching/pulling under my belly, that's all to be expected. Our bean is low so I can only imagine that will continue.

We have made progress on the nursery, I will try and post some pictures as I get stuff set up.


Jen said…
YEA! Yea for babies, growing bellies and big baby boys (I have 2) :) I am so excited for you!! And Ryan :) XOXO

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