Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nursery Sneak Peak

Some of these pictures aren't great quality and the lighting is a bit off. This room is really hard to get good photos in because of lighting. I want you to get an idea. The theme is obviously Fresno State Bulldogs. Our colors are Red & Blue.

The photo above is really poor quality and there are baby gifts under the window, but I wanted to show the drapes. We bought red drapes at Target and sewed blue along the bottom.

Hubs built shelves in the closet and we bought those canvas bins. The red & Blue on the left side of the closet have bibs, hats & socks. The solid red & solid blue on the right side have onesies by size newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months along with pj outfits by size. I have all clothes larger than 6 months in the dresser drawers and we can trade them out as baby grows. As he gets bigger and clothes don't fit in the bins we can use them for toys, etc.

We have shelves on one wall and I am working on some art work for the crib wall. His name will go above the crib, but since we aren't sharing his name until he's here, that will be put up after he arrives. I have a lamp shade to re-cover and gifts to put away and then I will take photos of the whole room so you can see placement. We have lots of little details to share as well.


Karen said...

Looks great! I love the red and blue colors. I need to post some photos on my blog soon. Tomorrow we're getting the 3rd crib hope this one works.


Nichole Contente said...

very cute! my husband is ordering Angel's jerseys with our names all printed on the back, I just thought that would be a cute idea for his room but a FSU one and you could frame it :)