Monday, May 2, 2011

weeks 31, 32 & 33

Well, April has come and gone and I am having a baby next month! It weird to even think about, but so exciting at the same time. I have a few photos to catch up and then a few things from April to do other posts on. My computer is being so slow it just took me 30 min to upload these three photos, so let's give me a week or so to update on April. We have had all our showers now and each and every one of them was AWESOME! We had so much fun and I'm actually a little sad that they are over. This baby has lots of red and blue things- he's gonna be a huge Fresno State fan whether he likes it or not! :)

The photo above was week 31. I can't tell if I'm carrying high or low. I'm almost 6 ft tall and I feel this kid way low and lots of movement in my ribs. Either he's huge or short people have an incredible threshold for pregnancy pain. This was the week that some of his movements became painful. I still love to feel him move (good thing cause he is ALWAYS moving) but boy does he get a good jab in now and then.

This photo is from week 32. I'm officially large enough that I draw strange looks and lots of "how much longer do you have?" from total strangers. The days are starting to feel really long. Sitting at my desk for 7 hours is really wearing on me.

This photo above is from the very end of week 33. Yes, I have a new hairdo, I couldn't handle the long stringy, damaged, constantly in a ponytail cause it's a pain in the rear to do any longer. I will probably go even a bit shorter than this after baby is here, but for now I wanted to leave it just a bit longer in case I do have a day where I'd like to put it up. Back to pregnancy topics, the heart burn is raging these days. My belly itches like crazy. If I sit for too long or stand/walk for too long I get super uncomfortable. I actually still really enjoy being pregnant. I still can't believe the things your body does to prepare for this little person. I love feeling his movements and knowing what foods make him hyper (gummy bears) & most recently feeling his daily hiccups. I know when baby is here I will be loving on him like crazy, but I often feel like I might miss being pregnant. I will say though that I am getting to that point in pregnancy where lots of things hurt and I don't get great sleep and strange things make me mad or make me cry etc. I just keep reminding myself that it's normal, all part of the package.

I am so excited to share details and photos from the showers so stay tuned. Thankfully I had people at 3 of the 4 showers taking photos for me so I got some good ones, the last shower we were having too much fun and I didn't ask anyone to be in charge of photos so I only have a few, but I did get some of the decor which was darling. We are so blessed and above and beyond greatful for those that hosted showers, those that came to support us and our sweet boy and for all the great baby stuff we are now equipped with! I'm attempting to make heads or tails of the nursery and find a home for all the goodies so that we can pack our hospital bags and be ready for our little guy's arrival at anytime.

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Karen said...

You look great! Love the new haircut, I really want to cut mine too.