Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Shower part 2

Our second baby shower was in Hanford at my Sister & Brother in Law's house. It was all of hubs family & our Hanford friends. They did a Fresno State Tailgate Couples Shower. It was so fun and the food was amazing!

My Brother In Law (Ozzie) BBQ'd hot dogs for hours! We had all kinds of chips, 4 kinds of cheese and bean & 7 layer dips. We had fruit cups & pasta salad.

We were so thankful for everyone who came. Above is Ricky & Nicky (father & son) hubs grew up with Nick.
Our cutie nephew in his FSU shirt and cool shades with his Ava (Ozzie's Mom).
From L to R hubs' Grandma Betty, his Aunt Joreen & Uncle Aharon (they drove all the way from LA to be here for the shower, we were so thrilled to have them) & my FIL, Brad.
Laurie is hiding there in the far Left corner, Chrissy, Betsy, Aunt Doris, G'ma Betty, Diane
Cute Malin (daughter of our friends Suzzie & Jaime) & my SIL, Katie.

We got lots of great stuff and some gift cards and money to shop for baby. We were thrilled with the few handmade gifts as well. Mary Stryd (Rick's wife) made this afghan in the Fresno State colors for baby. She also made us one when we got married. They are blankets that we treasure and we love that she took the time to make them for us. She and Rick are like hubs second parents since he spent so much time with Nick growing up.
Laurie made us this cute fleece knot blanket in Fresno State fleece. We can't wait for our little guy to play on this and for us to take him to the games in the winter all wrapped up in it!
We also got some cute Fresno State onesies. This kiddo has more FSU gear than we do already!
We love this Max Lucado children's stories book from Aunt Joreen & Uncle Aharon.
Linda made us this cute photo board for the nursery. The blue background fabric has the bulldog paw prints, so it goes perfectly in the nursery!

We had such a fun time visiting and watching the kiddos play. The weather turned out PERFECT for the afternoon even though two days before it was POURING rain and actually snowed for a bit (didn't stick). We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was while we were cleaning up for this shower that I got stung by a bee. He was sitting on the handle of one of our gift bags and I went to pick them up to load in the car & the little darlin' stung me right on the palm of my hand. It wasn't until the next day when my hand was two times it's normal size and super red and VERY itchy that we discovered I am in fact allergic to bees. Since I was pregnant and wasn't having a hard time breathing they couldn't give me the steroid shot they usually would, so they ordered me to take benadryl around the clock and sleep & call if it didn't let up. They also gave me two Epi Pins that I now carry. I guess once you're allergic every time you get stung the reaction can get worse. Who knew! It sure didn't ruin a fun day, and I'm glad it happened at the very end.

We again are so thankful for all the work my in-laws put into this shower. We are so thankful for all those that come out & celebrated with us. We can't wait for everyone to meet our little guy soon, he's so loved already!

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