Wednesday, August 10, 2011

beach baby

My family has a beach week each summer in July and this year we decided to be brave and attempt it with a 6 week old. The house we stayed in has a little "back house" that is separate from the main house where my grandparents, parents, siblings, aunt & cousin were staying so we didn't disturb them too much in the night. We had our own little kitchen, bathroom & a big enough main area for the pack & play and all the stuff that comes with traveling with a baby!
We go to the central coast in California which tends to be much cooler and while we had a few days of sun it never got above 75 degrees and most days was a bit overcast. I know that doesn't sound like a beach trip to many people, but we LOVE enjoying the cool weather and the scenery in the middle of summer when we have had 95+ degrees at home for over a month. Our very warm blooded baby LOVED the cooler weather & we liked getting to see him snuggled up in long jammies & hats since it's far too hot here for any of that.

Our family picture on the beach.

Since we had lots of family around (the rest of our family stays in two other houses for a total of over 30 people there for the week) hubs and I decided to get away one evening for dinner on the water & a little shopping downtown. The photo below is before our date night on the deck of the house we stayed at. Those houses across the street drop off onto the beach and it's all water behind them. Love our view from that deck.
I leave you with one happy beach baby & a happy family after a week in "paradise". My paradise anyway!


Rebecca Jackson said...

Love the beach! Love the cool weather! Love that last family photo!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

B is just so cute...and big! You look great Mama!