Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My!

Katie & Ozzie (hubs sister and her husband) were out of town a few weeks ago and Nana & Papaw (hubs parents) had Carsyn for a few days. They mentioned they were taking him to the zoo on Saturday and we decided to tag along. Not so much because Bear would notice we were there or care about any of the animals yet, but because it was fun & we wanted to see how much fun Carsyn would have.
Nana, Carsyn, myself & Bear (above) on our way into the Reptile house.
Carsyn on the big lizard (I forget which kind it is exactally) statue.
Carsyn getting in the big turtle shell. He proceeded to bump his head on it getting out and we had big tears for a moment.
Carysn LOVES Baby Bear. He really enjoyed having him there at the zoo with him.

We took him to the bird show there and we didn't imagine he'd sit there the whole time, but he liked it. He sat on Papaw's lap with his hand out waiting for a bird to come to him! :)

Bear liked the bird show.
All the boys.

My favorite animal at the zoo is the giraffe's. We sat and watched them for along time. Every half hour they open it up and you can pay $2 and go feed them some leaves. Nana took Carsyn over and he got to feed them.
Ok, this monkey amazed us. Just to the left of this photo below there is a balcony below (ground level) and one up top that you can stand and watch the monkeys. Someone up top dropped their cell phone onto the ground below while they were trying to take a picture. The monkey heard it fall and tucked the baby monkey that he was holding, under his arm & went over, found a stick and tried to get the phone! They are really smart!

By the end of the zoo trip we had two very tired boys. It was a hot day but we went early when they opened and just the last half hour got hot. We knew it was time to head home when they both crashed about 1230! We can't wait to go again next spring & will probably get season passes since Bear will enjoy it much more then. We took pictures of all the animals with our camera and we are going to print them and start teaching him about them so when we go to the zoo he knows what they are!


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