Two Months

You are a growing boy! You turned Two months old on August 7th.I think your thighs and your cheeks have grown the most this month. Your hair is really thinning out, we tease you that you're hair looks like Jido's (Mama's dad)! You are still eating like crazy & when you decide your hungry you want it and you want it now! You only wake up once a night now and are such a good sleeper. This month you went on your first road trip to the beach for 4 nights & 5 days. It was in the 60's all week and you LOVED it. Being such a warm baby you enjoyed wearing long sleeves and pants and hats. You also got some good use out of your "warmer" wardrobe. You are in 0-3 month clothes and even some 3 month outfits. You are now in size 2 diapers. The size 1 didn't fit around your thighs anymore.

You are now sleeping in your own room at night. You were 6 weeks old when we moved you in there and you love sleeping in your crib. You take a good morning nap and usually two afternoon naps. You usually take one longer nap in the afternoon if you are held. You have this magic timer set at 45 minutes for naps in your crib. You will often go right back to sleep if you're held or even in your swing, but for some reason in your crib you don't sleep longer than 45 minutes. You love your bouncy seat, your swing & your play mat. You like tummy time, but you don't really try and look around too much, you just lay there and will sometimes fall asleep which makes your Mama nervous. You still love your Pita (pacifier) and you still spit up often.

You still love to be swaddled when you sleep. You are starting to be very aware of what is around you and you will follow your Daddy side to side to stare at him. You smiled and laughed outloud for your Daddy this month. Mama was a little jealous, but is so happy that you love your Daddy. Speaking of your Daddy, we were so blessed to have him home with us the first 7 weeks to help take care of you and to bond with you and to help Mama recover. He went back to worth this month and we miss him each day while he's gone.
You enjoy sitting with him in the evening and watching a baseball game or reading a book. You have been to church now for the first time and you do well in the Moby Wrap sleeping during the service.


The Baunenets said…
He is a CUTIE!!! A healthy, growing boy!!!

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