Thursday, October 13, 2011

Four Months

I'm not sure how I have a four month old already!??

Bear is seriously so fun right now. He's getting really wiggly so these pictures are getting harder and harder to take, but he's got so much personality.

He is still eating great, on a much more consistant schedule. Every 3-4 hours. He is maybe waking up once a night, depending on how he eats in the evening. His teeth have been giving him some real trouble this last week or so. He fusses more than normal and pulls at his bottom jaw. And Oh The DROOL! He still occasionally spits up, not near as much as he used to. He is such a little flirt already, he'll flash anyone a smile. He is in size 3 diapers and still fits in some 3-6 mo clothes but mostly all 6 month stuff now. It got a little chilly for about a week and we had a hard time fitting into winter stuff. By the time it gets cold for good he'll fit in things better. Pants are hard because if they fit around his chubby belly they are about 6 inches too long, if they fit the legs right they cut off circulation to his legs (not really, but they sure are tight on his tummy).

He loves to play on the floor or in his excersaucer. He still loves his little bouncy seat and the swing if he's tired. He's getting good at sitting in the bumbo but if he's tired he just falls to one side. His 4 Month appointment was the day before he turned 4 months and he weighed in at 16 lbs 11oz, 25.5 inches long. They said he was roughly 80% for weight & 35% for height. Daddy is hoping he has a little growth spurt here soon (height wise). :)

It makes this Mama's heart sad to see how big and independent he's getting already. I already don't feel like I have a baby anymore. He's so much fun to watch discover new things though and we are enjoying each and every minute.

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