Saturday, October 8, 2011

Three Months

Time flies when you're having fun! B turned 3 months old on September 7th

Time flies when you're having fun! B turned 3 months old on September 7th.You have become very aware and responsive this month. You have such a fun personality. You laugh and talk all day long. You can follow our voice and respond to your name (and your many nicknames). You love to read stories and you get excited when we sing to you. Your new advancement is grabbing anything in your reach (including Daddy's chest hair & Mama's earrings) & you have become a professional drooler. We don't see or feel any teeth yet (which Mama is thankful for) but you slobber all day long & your fists/arms spend all day in your mouth. You aren't spitting up as often, but when you do it's EVERYWHERE! You have always loved bath time, but you have learned how to splash and it's your favorite thing to do! Your little bath has moved from the kitchen sink into the big bath after Mama had to mop the whole kitchen after one bath. You are eating more on a schedule of every 3 hours now and you are sleeping through the night as far as Mama is concerned. You take your last feeding of the day at 9pm falling asleep about 930pm and you sleep until about 5 or 530am when you eat and then go back to bed until about 7-730am. Since Mama went back to work this month, she's getting up at 530am for the day away, so she feeds you and then gets herself ready and lunch packed and sees Daddy off to work. Your Sito (Mama's mom) comes to our house every day to watch you while we work and you LOVE your play time with her. Auntie "Banana" & Uncle Mikey have bought you LOTS of books that you love to read and Sito bought you some CD's with kids songs that you like to sing to. You seriously will start coo'ing when we sing like you are singing along.
You are such a morning person like your Daddy. You wake up smiling and talking each morning. You are wearing your cloth diapers anytime we are at home. Except at night. You are a very heavy wetter so I still put you in disposables at night. You have watched your first Fresno State Football Game with us on TV and you would laugh and laugh when we would yell "Touchdown"! I see a bright future with you on a football field with the rolls you got going on right now. You are a BIG boy! You are in 3-6 month clothes. You like the Bumbo chair unless you are tired and then holding up your head is just too much work.

You are such a joy in our house, you enjoy running errands, and taking walks & going to various family functions which makes it so easy to just go when we want. The only time you are fussy is when you are hungry or tired and we can now tell the difference so we know what to give you and you are happy again. You can sleep anywhere (thankfully) so we just hold you with your Pita or lay you on the floor in someone's house and you will nap great. You will smile for total strangers and everyone can tell you are a happy baby. Your hair is getting much lighter than it was when you were born and it's thinning out a lot. I'm curious to see what color it will end up being. I'm also curious as to what color eyes you're going to have. One is getting lighter blue and one has a lot of brown coming into it. You may end up with one blue eye and one brown eye.

You are so much fun & we love you to the moon & back!

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