Gender Reveal Baby #2

 I'm back! I want to attempt to document this pregnancy as well but boy, I really underestimated how tired I would be the second time around and how busy my toddler would be. I'm not really certain how people do this more than once! We found out what we were having on Monday, February 4th and had all our family over that night for the reveal because I simply couldn't keep it a secret any longer than that!
 We took pictures of everyone with their guess, mustache for a boy, lips for a girl.
 I think people's "guess" was more their "want" but some went with their gut.
 The Gridiron's (above) have a sweet boy that is 4 months younger than B and they are due with a baby girl 3 weeks before I am due. They were really hoping for a girl this time around so the kids could be playmates & friends for years to come!

Sweet Ella (above, my niece) will be just 7 months older than this baby of ours and her older brother is 1.5 years older than B. They will all love growing up playing together!

My sister (above) said her guess was girl, but since B is so hairy she had to guess a girl with a mustache! :)

The guesses were pretty tied for the most part. I obviously didn't take any pics of the actual reveal since I was the one opening the box with the pink balloons. We do have video that I still need to edit and watch. There were lots of screams and arms flying in the air. It was so fun.

We would have been thrilled either way. There were benefits to either a boy or a girl. I think my Mama Heart knew this would probably be our last baby and I wanted that mother daughter relationship one day & I can't lie, the girly clothes are SO cute! At the same time, a boy would be so fun for B growing up with a brother. There were days I wanted so bad for it to be a boy and there were days I wanted so bad for it to be a girl. I knew I would be happy either way. I had a gut feeling from day one that it was a girl because i was so so so sick this time but I also didn't want to get my hopes up so I convinced myself it could be either. I was truly shocked with the tech told us we were having a girl. I still get nervous (now that a wall in the nursery is pink) that she was wrong and that I'm going to be disappointed. I've checked that ultrasound from every angle and she's all girl!

I said all that to say, I can't wait to meet my baby girl!


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