I, like most of the country, have been burdened this week by the recent tragedies in our nation. I, also like most of the country, have been overwhelmed by the media (especially social media) response to this weeks events. What I have noticed to be the theme is divide. Has anyone else noticed that? Everyone is divided. There's racial divide, there's political divide, there's those for or against law enforcement, less than a month ago there was moral divide between the gay community and the straight community after the Orlando shooting. Everyone hears a new story and immediately takes a stand. 

People, satan is waging a war in our country and it's to divide our nation. I've talked with different people this week and I feel myself taking a side in the conversation. I see a post on Facebook of some one's opinion of the situation and a war ensues in the comment section. Everyone hears from the media what happened and they have an idea of who was right and who was wrong and it breeds hate and fear everyone wants justice for someone. 

None of us know the whole story. None of us were there. People have died. Some one's son, brother, father, husband, wife, daughter, friend. Regardless of who was right or who was wrong, people are grieving the lives that were lost. We should be too. 

During our church service this morning we sat as a church and took 10 min to pray with total strangers sitting around us. Pray for our country, for our city, for the victims of this weeks shooting, for all law enforcement, and thanked our God for being all sovereign. All knowing. All mighty. 

At the end of the message on Psalm 20 one line rang out to me over and over. GOD IS THE HERO. In every story. In our country, in our world, in our city, in my life. God is the hero. He is victorious. I am not surprised by any of the events taking place in our nation or oversees because God warned us. He told us this would happen. What shakes me to my core is how the church is responding. Why are Christians waging war against one another because our opinion or view of the situation isn't the same as our brothers. Is the underlying message not Love? Satan is winning. He is diving and conquering. He's dividing cities, churches, races, authorities and even families over stupid things. 

I'm not saying there's not real issues to take a stand on sometimes. The Bible is clear about things that we should not waver from. Our opinions often cloud our biblical judgment and that's our current issue.

I'm going to choose love. I'm going to choose not to get angry or judge someone by their opinion if it doesn't match mine. I'm going to try and support those being scrutinized and judged by the uniform they wear or the color of their skin or the neighborhood they live in. I'm going to stop believing one single thing I hear on the news because I've learned it's only about 30% accurate. I'm going to do my part to battle satan's plan to drive a wedge between us all and I'm going to stand together. 

1 John 4:21
"And this commandment we have from Him, that the one who loves God should love his brother also."


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